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During my travel through Tokyo with the Prince hotels, I also had the pleasure to discover the Takawana property. The Prince Hotel Takawana Hanakohro is connected in a complex with 3 other Prince hotels nearby, so as a Japanese garden. Different from the other Prince hotels which I was staying at, the Takawana one has been my absolute favorite.. 

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When I checked into my room I was so surprised because everything looked so identically to what I've known from Japanese TV shows, Japanese anime or Japanese pictures from the Internet. I always dreamed about this unique Japanese experience. I'm an open-minded person, always excited for new cultures and since I even learn Japanese I was so happy to stay within this very original surrounding. 

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I couldn't describe my feelings when I checked in, it was like a dream come true. For guests staying at Takawana there are also activities offered. Most of these activities are even for free. Marie, a lovely Japanese lady from the staff spent the day with me and gave me an experience of these activities. One of these activities has been an original tea ceremony with matcha in the tea house, located in the Japanese garden. It has been extremely fun to spend the day with her, as she was really nice to me and explained everything about the tea ceremony and even help me with a short Japanese language lesson. 

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In the lounge Marie taught me how to do origami and we even had some other activities on the list. I can tell, it was so much fun to have all these Japanese cultural experiences. I'm very grateful for that. After the activities, I finally took the time to explore more of my room, which I have been so excited for.

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First of all, every Japanese house (or Japanese inspired room in this case) has an entrance area, where one stores the shoes and swap to the slippers. Then there is separated a bathroom and a toilet. My bathroom was also separated into two rooms. There has been a shower and bathtub as well.

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The bathroom was very bright and had two windows with a view, overlooking the Japanese garden. From the center of the room I was able to enter the bedroom. The bedroom had 2 beds, put together to one, a TV and a lot of space in between. It has been a very generous room in terms of size. On the right side, there was an extra room with a table and two seats, basically used for tea. This room is named Tsubaki.

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The Prince hotel Takanawa Hanakohro is only a 5-minute walk from Shinagawa Station. It is surrounded by a 20.000m2 Japanese garden and offers its guest peace and harmony while staying in the city center. For the Takanawa Hanakohro hotel there is only a total of 16 bedroom which even refers more to the point of privacy and quietness. 

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Guests also have the option to use some of the facilities of the other hotels. Per example there is a sauna and whirlpool bath at the Sakura Prince hotel and the beautiful sky pool, located in The Grand Prince New Takanawa. For more free facilities the staff will assist on availability and season. There is also plenty of activities nearby the hotel so as the aquarium. I was very lucky as I received a complementary ticket from the hotel to discover the water shows and more of the area around. For the Takanawa Hanakohro guests there is a total of two complimentary lounges to use. 

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One of those lounges is located in the fourth floor, which a more private surrounding as it is only for the Takanawa Hanakohro guests. This restaurant also served the original Japanese breakfast, which I captured during staying at Takanawa Hanakohro. However, I couldn't eat most of it as Japanese cuisine is based on fish. It was an unique experience to watch the setup and to see all the pretty food. I was very impressed of it. Another lounge in located in the first floor. It is open for two of the hotels and offers food and beverages from 7AM on. 

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For breakfast guest do however also have the option to visit the Patio restaurant, which is also located in the first floor and offers a breakfast buffet. I had a very unique experience and to be honest, I have never had such an original experience with a hotel before. I recommend this hotel for everyone who’s looking for a “real” Japanese experience. I definitely want to come back. 

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