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The Sunshine City Hotel by Prince Hotels has been the last stop for me in Tokyo. The Sunshine City Hotel is a budget hotel, with the charm and impression of a urban hotel, located in the city center. Today I will give you an overview about my experiences in the hotel and who I recommend it to especially..

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First f all, I want to mention, that the location of the Sunshine City Hotel by Prince hotels is within my favorite district of Tokyo. It also happened that I spontaneously went to the cinema in this area on the first day of my arrival. The hotel is about an 8-minute walk (800m) from Ikebukuro Station. Just around the corner of the hotel one will stumble in the lively streets of Tokyo, with countless hops, food spots, cinemas and everything one would wish for. This hotel is especially a home for those who love anime and manga as there are plenty of these themed shops are around as well.

The Prince sunshine is also located within a shopping center, but has however a separated entrance for busses and cars as well. The hotel also has a shop inside, while it´s linked to the sun city shopping center, with even more shops and food spots.

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The 37-floor building offers a home for all kind of travelers with a total of 1,146 guest rooms. This includes suites, so as single rooms and the recently renovated panorama floor. I was staying in the panorama floor, located on the 37th floor. Beside the additional elevator for these floors, I was also magnified by the view all above Tokyo. Especially by night this is a unique experience.

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My room offered two beds, a couch, water and a coffee machine, so as a huge selection of TV programmers. Beside that I enjoyed the bathroom, equipped with a shower and bathtub and shadiest products. The hotel might be claimed a 3-star hotel, but basically feels like a 4-star hotel, except of the missing pool. However, the hotel is a must do for those who want to stay in the city buzz of Tokyo. All 24 hours shops are around and the shops are open seven days a week.

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A glamorous eye catcher is also the lobby. The panorama floors and club members will enjoy a separated check in counter, while there is also plenty of counters for the usual rooms. The lobby is wide spaced and connected to one of the breakfast restaurants, the “chef´s palette”, which is a buffet restaurant.

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I received coupons on my arrival for the breakfast, that I handed to the staff in the mornings to enter the breakfast restaurant. This might be caused by the fact that there is a total of 4 restaurants in the hotel. I however only ate at the chef´s palette and enjoyed the fresh food and even some vegan options. There was also a fresh breakfast buffet with fruits and salad. A benefit is also the take away station for those who are on the run. To be honest, I have always been on the run so this was a perfect spot for me to just refill my cup with some tea and head out to the next meetings.

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The staff is yet not completely fluent in English, but that´s a general term in Japan. However, the staff is dedicated to enhancing the stay as much as possible. I was even assisted with my train booking, as I was leaving for Oiso the other day. 

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My impression of this hotel is that this is a very modern and high-class hotel, which has yet not the well-deserved presence. The location is a 12/10 point and couldn’t be any better to be honest. Supermarkets and cheap shops, so as the 100 Yen shops are also around if one wants to grab some snacks or souvenirs. I honestly couldn’t ask for more on a city trip to Tokyo. 

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