Japan is a country like non-else. Not comparable with anything I´ve seen yet and offering a wide variety. Beside the big cities there are also these “small treasures” to explore nearby. Traveling with the train is very convenitent and brought me to my next stop within my travel through Japan, the Prince hotel Kawana...

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A very historical and impressive hotel is the Prince hotel Kawana, which is up on a luxury and upper scale and is one of a kind. Surrounded by nothing but nature the hotel has its own golf course and is even featured international in the top 100. While the hotel building itself looks more like a villa, guest will be welcomed to a once in a lifetime experience with loads of surprises.

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The rooms have a vintage old-fashioned charm but still offer all the amenities that one wishes for on a holiday. The highlight of the room is the bathroom, which is supplied with a big bathtub and becomes a wellness cure within the sizzling hot summer days. 

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From my room, located in the fifth floor, I was pleasured with an overlook of the pool area, so as the golf course. The stunning landscapes are an absolutely must do experience and I also had the chance to have a small tour through the hotel resort, which offers countless places to explore. 

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It´s worth to mention that the hotel also hosts a 300-year old restaurant, within the lush gardens. The Inkaya opens for traditional Japanese cuisine and is suitable for private dining and big groups as well. It was a travel through centuries for me to stand inside of this majestic building and have this culturally experience. While I haven´t had the chance to eat there I´m sure that having dinner in Inkaya restaurant will even enhance this expedience.

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For guest who want to have a break in-between the day there are plenty of lounge areas around. My favorite one has been in the café lounge, which was also open for homemade cakes, tea and juices. Also, fresh fruits were served. A benefit of having drinks and snacks in this area is the view and especially sunrises and sunsets are a must do experience over here.

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Nevertheless, a walk through the garden will not want to be missed at the Prince hotel Kawana. The luxury charming hotel figured out the perfect balance of a connection with nature and a well-balanced glamorous lifestyle atmosphere. 

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For breakfast guest will be welcomed on the first floor or in another restaurant for Japanese breakfast. I went to the breakfast restaurant, which is also opened fot dinner, next to the café lounge on the first floor. Guest will be able to select their breakfast out of a menu which will be prepared every day, fresh on order. Especially for me with a food allergy this has been a perfect feature as I didn’t have to worry about anything. However he staff also speaks English and is more than happy to assist.

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Within the near of the hotel there are also plenty of activities to do. For me it was honestly enough to stay at the hotel and enjoy exploring the area. One of my favorite places was the open rooftop with kaleidoscopes. 

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There are so many things to tell about the Prince hotel Kawana but to sum it up I can tell my stay has been superb. I enjoyed the private atmosphere, the connection with nature and the variety of offer, given by the hotel. It was a very charming stay.