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While I was travelling to Osaka I had the pleasure to explore the St Regis Osaka during a daytrip. The hotel located in the heart of the metropolis is a glance of a luxury property and has a lot to offer. Today I´ll give you guys an overview about what to expect when staying or visiting the hotel..

open air terrace

The 160-room hotel is nearby mamba station and even has a train station just across the street. The St Regis is a 5-star hotel and offers it´s guest a fitness center, so as a spa, that I could explore and to get an own impression of.

japanese garden osaka

Just by entering the hotel one will feel the difference. The royal looking a like entrance hall is just one part of it but the supporting and English-speaking staff will make one feel home. Even for me, being a guest at the hotel just for a few hours, I totally felt welcomed and enjoyed every moment of the media visit.

lobby hotel

The check in is in the 12th floor and does offer a wonderful view above the city. Also, there is a garden terrace with an additional open air bar. On the same level guests will also find an indoor bar and the Italian restaurant La Veduta.

iridium spa osaka st regis

The SOTHYS spa just received the spa luxury award. Within a 90-minute facial I experienced the reason for that. The staff at the spa is extremely professional and will support guest with a suitable treatment. All the staff is well experienced and confident with the treatments and guests.

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While there is a phrase called “room with a view” one will experience what it means to have “spa with a view” by enjoying treatments in the 14th floor of the hotel. With a total of 355m2 guests one will indulge lush views within a private surrounding. 

spa lounge hotel

I could truly feel a difference after my facial. The best fact about the treatment was that I could relax and to totally focus on the treatment. Surrounded by the soft sounds of Japanese music and the vibrant French elements around me I was in trance.

spa treatment room

After the spa, I received a small afternoon tea surprise. Something special about the sweet treat was the crown which is a special item to celebrate the successful awarding of the spa for the luxury spa awards.

tea cake afternoon ceremony

After visiting the spa, I was enjoying the spa lounge and got ready for a lunch at the Italians restaurant La Veduta. The restaurant La Vedanta is located near by the lobby area in the 12th floor. While being seated next to the wide windows one will enjoy views above the Osaka sky line. It felt like walking in a panorama space while visiting the different facilities of the hotel.

la veduta restaurant osaka

The restaurant La Vedanta is opened all day. The restraint has a classical luxurious charmed and serves original Italian coins. Even for me as a vegan I haven´t had any dietary problems, as the hotel took care of my needs and requests.

food italian restaurant osaka

The Italian chef Mauro Zanussi gives major inspirations and leads for the meals. The menu changes according to season and has slightly influences by the Japanese cuisine. It is a great fusion.

open kitchen food eating out in japan vegan

After lunch I received a tour through the rooms of the hotel. As I was not staying at the hotel as a guest but visiting, I was very exciting to explore the rooms. The room size starts at 43 m2 , which is the deluxe room. The hotel has 40 deluxe rooms which are all offering Japanese influences and two beds.

vegan food in japan

The most glamourous room type so the royal suite which has a total of 197 m2. The hotel has only one of these suites. I was however exploring the Grand Deluxe Premier room. My personal highlight was the bathroom, which is supplied with a bathtub and a window which is again overlooking the skyline.

osaka skyline view vegan restaurant osaka

hotel bathroom osaka skyline

Also, out if the main living room one will be able to enjoy exclusive views of Osaka. The whole room builds again a panorama view, which is an exclusive feature of the hotel.

skyline view hotel room osaka tokyo st regis

As a last highlight of my media visit I was enjoying the afternoon tea at Rue D´Or. Located in the ground floor it is easy accessible and is supplying the French Parisian charmer with its outdoor spaces and exclusive cuisine. During my visit, I was even enjoying the afternoon theme “Paris”, which has now changed. A full review about the new afternoon tea will follow next week.

paris inspired afternoon tea food

vegan afternoon tea japan osaka eating out

In my personal view, the Rue D´Or restaurant is a perfect place to meet with friends. It has a very romantic charmer and offers a wide space for its guests. With charming melodies, one will be able to enjoy also lunch, beside the afternoon tea.

sweets afternoon tea food

The restaurant also offers traditional French dishes, so as onion soup and cheese dishes. However, I can truly recommend the afternoon tea. I went to multiple afternoon teas in the past but the afternoon tea at Rue D´Or is something special that is not to be missed. Due the fact that the menu for the afternoon tea at Rue D´Or is always changing it is always inviting to return. 

japan luxury travel

I´m so glad about my visit at the St Regis Osaka. It was being an escape out of the daily life. I felt like a princess trough the afternoon tea, which has been my absolute highlight. Heads up, I´ll be back soon!

afternoon tea st regis