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A trip to Hakone should be on everybody’s list when traveling to and through Japan. Hakone is only about 2 hours with the train from Tokyo and will pleasure one with mountain and lake views which one probably never saw before..

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While traveling to Hakone I was staying with the Prince Hotel Lake Ashinoko. The hotel ensures a smooth arrival with a free shuttle bus, departing from dewarra Station. It's about 40 minutes with the bus to the hotel. Located in the mountains, next to a lake the caste look alike hotel will give their guests a travel through time. The hotel is very proud about their architecture, as the building is designed by a famous architect from Japan. 

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Around the hotel there is also a shopping center and ropeway, to go up to the mountains. Also boats and a ferry are only a few minutes by walk. Staying at the Prince Hotel Lake Ashinoko will offer one a central home in a picture-perfect surrounding. The hotel has two floors for guest’s rooms, while some also have a balcony. Overdoing the lake and gloomy scenery during day and night gave me a whole new perspective of Japan. 

garden lake view fuji mountain

My room had two beds and one of these balconies. The entrance hall was very big, offering a huge mirror and a sink. Also, the bad room was furniture with a bathtub. 

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The whole building is old, but charming and definitely very clean and in order. It is a glamorous get away from the city to the lakeside. The room doors still have a key, vintage style but charming in my opinion. 

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After exploring my room, I took the chance and hopped on the Hakone Ashinoko Boat Cruise. I went to Sekisho and explored the area around. The ferry is a convenient way to explore Hakone area and even soak some more of these breaks taking landscape views. Arrived at the Hakone Sekisyo Tabi Monogatari Kan (Shop & Restaurant) I had a Japanese tea ceremony with matcha tea.

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wearing a kimono

Probably the best about that has been the fact that I was dressed in a kimono (for the first time ever!). This has also been to first time for me to wear a kimono and it was as exciting as my face expression look like. On top, I was even sporting Hello Kitty, which is one of my favorite 

hello kitty

matcha tea ceremony japan

Hakone Tabisuke pass

I decided to go for a Hakone Tabisuke pass, which makes travelling around the area very comfortable and cheap. The pass includes the Hakone Ashinko Boat Cruise, the Hakone Komagatake Ropeway, so as the public busses and trains. I just had to present the ticket when entering one of their facilities. One saves a lot of money with a day pass, but also multiple day passes are available.

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After the wonderful experience of wearing a kimono and having the match tea ceremony I went to the Hakone Komagataka ropeway. I love natural escapes and a 1400m drive up is one of the things one can assume me to be in. Arrived on the top I walked through the mountain. 

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That day it was very cloudy, but I still enjoyed the view and the mysterious look. I have been so impressed by the views, even though it was still a little sad, as I couldn’t see the Fuji mountain, which is usually visible during sunny days. I guess this is just another sign to return.

rope way mountain

When purchasing the Hakone Tabisuke pass, one will also receive a complimentary entrance to the Hakone-en aquarium. Especially for families travelling to the area this is a cheap and pleasant activity through the day. The best about all these activities is, that they are all in reach of the Prince hotels and property of the Seíbu group.

qualle fisch aquarium

Strolling through the area of the Prince Hakone hotel will even reveal more exciting spots, restaurants and “small surprised” to discover. I personally enjoyed the area around the port, as I was watching the sunset or shopped some souvenirs at the local shops.

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japan einkaufen gehen

Back at the hotel I decided to shoot more of the interesting building. The Prince hotel has a unique hospitality style and it a wide space. It has two restaurants, a huge hallway, and a beautiful garden scenery, which is lovely to walk around. I usually went for some walks after the breakfast.

prince hotel castle

hotel einrichtung

The hotels also run an own souvenir shop and is selling the homemade cake, which is a signature dish of the hotel. It is able for purchase at the souvenir shop. Also, an ATM is placed next to the souvenir shop for easy and quick currency exchange and access to cash. However, credit cards are almost everywhere accepted.

kuchen japan süßigkeiten

An exciting feature about the Prince Hotel Lake Ashinoko is the traditional Onsen, which is located open-air. Getting one with nature has never been that pleasant. Also, the Onsen is separated and open from 6AM until late, with a short break in-between for cleaning services. Also, an indoor hot spring is offered.

onsen japan

onsen hot dpring heiße quellen japan

My two days at the Prince hotel went by so fast. I can tell that I really liked Hakone. Especially the location of the Prince hotel is amazing. The hotel is also offering a free shuttle, which made it very easy for me to arrive comfortable, even when being packed with that much luggage. Moreover, the hotel offers an additional free shuttle around the sigh seeing area as well.

hotel frühstück

One of my last and favorite things to do at the hotel has been the breakfast. I have been to surprise about the buffet at the lake side grill restaurant, as there was plenty of vegan offers as well. The staff was however very assisting and made sure that I, but also all other guests have a great start into the day. The breakfast area is wide spaced which avoids noise and offers more privacy. Also, there is a kind of an open kitchen and special request can be made all time.

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After breakfast, I went back to the room to get ready for my departure and check out. Hakone remains as an special memory in my mind. I´m grateful for this experience.

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