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I previously gave you an introduction about Amba hotels, where I have been staying during my trip to Taipei. I was staying at two properties and already posted my review about the Amba Ximending. In today´s article I will review my stay at the Songshan property, the second of 3 the three Amba hotels in Taiwan.. 

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The Amba Songshan hotel is very popular for business travelers. It is located in one of the luxury districts of Taipei and close to Taipei 101. The hotel check in is locate in the 17th floor. The building of the hotel is a huge glass building that offers panorama views above Taipei and has a huge lobby area, where guests are free to interact and to enjoy the breathtaking view. Moreover, the building of the hotel is directly connected with a mall and a train station. 

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The rooms are wide spaced for “standard” hotel rooms but also in general they have a mentionable size. The design is very modern and creative. It is more than just a plain hotel room, it is an experience. Some of the rooms are also including a bathtub, while most of the rooms have a shower cabin. The bed is extra-large and totally invited to stay. Something very fascinating for me is that the hotel designed and built exclusively a Bluetooth speaker for their guests.

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When it comes to creativity and design I can tell that Amba hotels is a leader in my view. As the hotel has many rooms and wanted to make the way to one´s room more interesting they came up with the idea to give each room number a meaning according to the year these numbers build. I was staying in room “2005” which is the year that google maps was found. I guess there couldn´t have been a more suitable room for me. 

As mentioned the rooms start in floor 17 and reach to floor 21. The fitness room, laundry and ice and water station are all located in the 18th floor. All of these services are free of charge.

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What I also realized in the Ximending property, but even more in the Songshan property is that the hotel has very impressive lobbies. I usually often stay in my room when I stay in hotels because the lobby is not to inviting but at the Amba hotels the lobbies are wide spaces. The Songshan property offers these very unique views on Taipei city and guests even have access to games. Especially for the business travelers or for me as a writer it is nice to have access to an exciting location and to stay in the hotel instead of going to a café.

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Beside the nice lobby also the fancy restaurant of the Songshan property is located in the 17th floor. I enjoyed a cozy dinner in the restaurant on my first evening. The restaurant is opened all day for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and offers a culinarily experience.

amaba hotel restaurant

I guess the most outstanding facts about the restaurants are also here the views but more than that an oven that is fired with wood. This special “treatment” gives the food a smoky taste and a unique touch.

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Some of the foods that I absolutely recommend are the truffle fries and the fresh walnut bread, which is definitely a must do. For the main course, I enjoyed a risotto with grilled vegetables. The smoky taste was amazing. The food is mostly local and very fresh. Also for local people the restaurant is a hotspot to meet up and enjoy lunch or dinner.

Beside the food options there is also a bar located in the front part of the restaurant. Guests can enjoy alcoholic drinks, so as mocktails and fresh juices. There is a wide variety to enjoy some of the best foods in Taipei city at the Amba Songshan.

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The Amba Songshan also has a fitness center. Is offers weight stations, cardio machines and a smaller space for calisthenics. I was very happy to find an accessible gym with this kind of selection at the hotel. Especially for travelers a gym can be helpful to cope with a jetlag.

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The hotel is an excellent choice for those who love interior. The design is modern and fresh and makes one want to move in immediately. I really liked that the hotel is on an upper scale but not too tied up. It is a mix of causality and modern elements. The design is clean and has a few “colorful dots” in-between. It is a nice contrast to the skyline.

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In terms of tech the hotels as all international sockets for its guests. Something super special is however a USB access on the phones. I can tell that is was the best to recharge and plug all my devices after a long day in the city. If there should be any need for further support the staff is also supportive to solve any problems.

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Something additionally and again outstanding about that hotel is the complimentary hotel shuttle that departs various times during the entire week from early morning to evening. Some of the stops are per example Taipei 101. I used the shuttle every day to depart and to come back to the hotel. It is a super handy and reliably service. Also, the car is just too cute and I absolutely loved the branded design.


On my last day, I had breakfast before departing. The breakfast is absolutely huge and offers a salad bar, hot and cold dishes, so as fresh fruits and even a small milk bar with diary free options. Also, the Songshan property served the traditional rive rolls, which are a must eat at the hotel.

I really enjoyed my stay with Amba. I would say the hotel chain is one of my all-time favorites and I can´t wait to even discover their third property someday. The Amba Songshan is an outstanding hotel and maybe one of the best ones in whole Taipei.