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Traveling to Asia means to travel to the future, and I´m not only talking about the time zone. Cities like Taipei are much more ahead to what I know from Germany and this kind of cities absolutely impress me. When it comes to find a place to stay there is a lot of selection to stay at new modern buildings. Within my trip I was also staying at the Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei, which is more than 40 years old..

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The hotel joined the Prince hotel chain with this property about 10 years ago. As you know from my Japan trip, the prince hotel group is Japanese and likewise also the area around the Gloria Prince Hotel is Japanese inspired, with a huge Japanese community, in the middle of Taipei city center.

The Prince Hotel Taipei is only about 2km away from the Taipei main station and couldn´t be more centered. The hotel might be in a busy and modern district but still has its original vintage charm, as it is already more than 40 years old.

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While the hotel and its facilities are a little old-fashioned, the hotel still has an elegant and glamorous charm, what inspire me the most is that it´s all over supplied with art pieces. The entrance is decorated with a huge flower installation and the lobby level is linked to the restaurant of the hotel and a French bakery. Moreover, the whole entrance hall has a golden and warm touch.

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After checking in I was guided to my room in the 9th floor. The room had a design mix of wooden elements and walls with a flower design. The rooms start at about 20m2 and go up to a total of 76m2. The rooms have a simple but spacious design. Each room has a bathroom with a bathtub and comes with amenities. As the prince hotel group is Japanese one will find Japanese elements and products in the room.

Beside a huge bed, my room was also furniture with a comfortable seating area and a desk. The hotel is very popular for business travelers and bigger groups. An entertainment system, so as a minibar and commentary water are offered as well.

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As I was only staying for one night at the Gloria Prince hotel, I was trying to discover as much as possible of the hotel. One of these activities I was planning in the hotel was the gym. As the Gloria Prince hotel is sharing the gym with the Gloria Prince Residence, which is a direct neighbor, the gym is super wide spaces and has a comparable size to a “normal” gym. Also, the view of the gym is very impressive, as it is located in the 13th floor.

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As Japan has a huge influence by French cuisine, also the food at the hotel is inspired by the French foods and recipes. An enormous impact is visible due the bakery in the lobby named L´idiot , which offers French inspired pastry, baguettes and snacks to go. Also tarts and colorful cakes aren´t missing on the menu.

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The restaurant of the hotel is also named L´idiot and is opened all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Especially the breakfast was very impressive for me. The breakfast is designed as an international buffet but most of all I fell for the location itself. The restaurant has a super romantic style, with warm light that is a little dimmed. The entrance has an elegant high-class style and next to the window one will find a white fountain. 

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A true highlight of the breakfast buffet is the fresh fruit and salad bar station, which also offers access to a juicer to prepare juices with any kind of combination one likes. There is a wide variety of hot and cold dishes all over the buffet and it is generally popular and visited by the guests. 

The Prince Gloria hotel is not comparable to the new hotels that opened in Taipei, but it is definitely a nice accommodation for those who are looking forward and original and elegant travel experience with different influences.

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