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After giving you guys an overview of the Prince Gloria hotel in Taipei, I´m taking you today to the Prince Gloria residence, which is a direct neighbor to the hotel. I was discovering both properties during my trip to Taipei. While the Prince Gloria hotel is an old property with an elegant style, the Prince Gloria residence is a modern building, all inspired for long term travelers and people who are looking for “home, far away from home”..


While some of the design elements might be common at the rooms, or better say flats of the Prince Gloria residence, the general appearance and vibes are still different. The Prince Gloria residence also offer different services and are more on a clean design.

The room itself has just as the Prince Gloria hotel some wodden elements, but is overall while and metallic. The room itself as something like a Livingroom area, just next to an open kitchen and access to a balcony, where also a washing machine with a dryer function is placed at. 

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One will find all kind of amenities in the kitchen and most of the required tools. If there is anything needed, the lobby will be happy to assist. Also, a rice cooker is not mussing in the kitchen.

The technic at the Prince Gloria residence is one of the latest. Also in terms of creativity the Prince Gloria residence is ahead. What impressed me most about the functional room as a tv that can be spinned around, so it can easily be used for the living room or the bed room area. That way one only needs one tv instead of two.

tv technic ifa

While most of the area at my room at the Prince Gloria residence was filed with natural light, the bedroom was a little darker, as it was placed inside the room layout and not directly located next to windows. However, the bathroom is only accessible through the bedroom area. 

The bathroom was supplied with a bathtub and an additional shower and had a huge window just next to the bathtub. 

gym sport fitness

While actually all facilities are inside the Prince Gloria residence, the gym is located and shared with the Prince Gloria hotel, which is luckily not even 20 steps away from the Prince Gloria residence. 

The Gloria Prince hotel is sharing the gym with the Gloria Prince Residence, which is a direct neighbor, the gym is super wide spaces and has a comparable size to a “normal” gym. Also, the view of the gym is very impressive, as it is located in the 13th floor.

pool wellness taipei

Different from the Gloria Prince hotel, the Gloria Prince residence has an additional pool. Sadly, I could only use the pool once has the pool is closed every Monday in order to be cleaned and to keep the high quality. As the Gloria Prince residence hasn´t too many rooms, the pool is luckily never overcrowded. A locker room, shower and toilets are located within goth exchanging rooms, next to the entrance. The usage of the pool is included within the room price.

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A highlight about the Gloria Prince residence is the lounge, located in b1, just one floor under the lobby. The lounge is opened 24 hours and offers light snacks and drinks all day. Also, breakfast is served at the lounge. The Wi-Fi is accessible all over the property and moreover the lounge has also a TV and a business center with a printer. Of course, all for complimentary usage.

interior design

Eventough the Gloria Prince residence and hotel are within the same hotel group, I´d still say that both properties are different from each other. It is a totally different feeling over there at the Gloria Prince residence. However, I liked both properties, as they were unique each for themselves.

food breakfast buffet

Something that has been more common at both properties has been the design of the breakfast, which might be caused by the fact that there is no restaurant inside the Gloria Prince residence. Also, here guests have access to a salad bar and the fresh fruits, so as a juicer. The dishes have however not been the same. The hot dishes especially were different from what has been offered at the Gloria Prince hotel.

taipei restaurant urban farming

Before leaving the hotel and making my way to the airport, I had a last and final visit at the L’idiot restaurant for lunch. While there is usually a business lunch, I went for some picks of the new dinner menu, which recently launched at Gloria Prince hotel.

food starter cooking

Some of my picks has been truffle fries, so as bruschetta, which was topped with a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. Something outstanding about the food in the restaurant is however that it´s all out of urban faring. The chef is brother of the general manger at the hotel and together they have built a farming spot in the middle of the city and so they are possible to provide fresh and local produces to the guest of the restaurant. One will recognize the difference.

salad hot dishes

I also had some of the homemade noodles and a “cheese” that has been made out of soy milk. The food was amazing and I´m happy that I have paid a visit to the restaurant. I can highlight recommend it for visitors of Taipei and guests of the properties.