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I just hit 180 days on travel yesterday, and if that wouldn´t have been celebration enough, I had the pleasure to celebrate it with the Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, which also celebrated its 16th anniversary this week. For a media stay I have been exploring the hotel, located in the party city of Thailand, which is as well very influenced by music. Within this article I get you guys around the Hard Rock hotel Pattaya and share my impressions with you. Lean back and enjoy the show..

The Hard Rock hotel Pattaya is centrally located, next to the beach and in the city center of Pattaya. The north Pattaya road bus stop is only 3 km away, which makes the arrival from Bangkok airport or city very easy. Beside a shuttle service, offered by the hotel, guests can easily access the public travel busses which will get one to Pattaya in roughly 2 hours (108 Baht). Pattaya has its rumors and while some might be true, it is still a wonderful place to visit and as the city is hosting the only Hard Rock hotel in Thailand it was also on my list.

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My arrival was surprisingly smooth. I took the bus from Bangkok city center and came into the hotel with a taxi. The team was adorable charming and greeted me while arriving late in the evening and helped me with the luggage. At the reception I was spoiled with a cold drink and a towel the refresh. After the quick check in I was guided to my room, where my luggage was already waiting for me. I was located on the 5th floor in room 512, which was also looking over to the pool side.

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The room had a very modern design but still including the vibrant atmosphere of Hard Rock. I was very inspired by the picture wall in my room so as the influence of Hard Rock merchandise. Beside that one will also find beauty items of the rock spa inside the room.

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In terms of the design I really liked the connection of the bathroom and the bedroom, which was including a window interior detail. Also in terms of working it is great to not only have a table but a long side table on the left side of the room, which offers space for personal items and fits as well as a great workspace. The room also included a tv which was not only airing various tv channels but also offered free access so recently released cinema movies, all in HD. It is great for families or for those who would like to enjoy a movie night inside the cozy rooms of the Hard Rock Pattaya hotel.

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After my late arrival and the small discovery tour I set myself on I went to bed and had a very calming sleep. I was very surprised that it wasn´t noisy at all. I had a very resting sleep and enjoyed the wide spaced bed. I also liked a lot that there was a varied selection of pillows inside the bed. I personally like soft pillows and always try to sleep flat.

The morning started with a rich breakfast at the Starz dining restaurant, which opened for buffet breakfast. Beside a salad bar and fresh cut fruits, there are also life cooking stations for noodle soup and egg, so as other hot dishes and a corner for cornflakes. Beside that there is also free access to tea, coffee and juices at the buffet, so as hot soymilk. The buffet is constantly refilled, and the staff is happy to assist with my needs and special requests. 

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Starz diner also opens daily for a huge buffet, starting from 6 pm. The hotel highlights the fresh BBQ that is served by the staff at each table. Also, the buffet includes sushi and an ice station, where on can get ice rolls which are customized individually by selecting one´s favorite ingredients, also there is a selection of cakes and other hot dishes. The buffet also included a themed food station that is changing and has an additional live food station, based on this theme.

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As Thailand is an Asian country one must cope with the heat, so what would be more indulging as jumping into the chilling pool? You´re right – nothing! The Hard Rock hotel Pattaya has a specious pol area that is suitable for all ages and host different cities and water sports during the day. The pool also has a bar and a sand area, which is also having a bubble bath. Also, the Hard Rock Pattaya hosts every Saturday night a foam party for adults. Get yourself party ready for a fun night.

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As soon as one is ready with the party, there is still the calming rock spa, which is opened for music inspired treatments and some very outstanding services. I enjoyed the most common and favorized treatment by the guests, the Hard Rock massage which is a 60-minute treatment that is considered to relieve muscle pain. However, the rock spa has a special technique for the massage so it´s not comparable with the local Thai massage. One is also able to select out of 3 different oil for different proposes and results of the treatment. There is also a bamboo treatment, which I sadly haven´t tried but maybe this will be a wonderful experience for you guys when visiting the spa. I can however advice to give it a try.

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The rock spa has 3 floors and hosts the gym in the second floor, which I have visited every day during my stay. I loved the gym as it was not only the usual cardio gym but fully equipped with weight stations for a proper workout. Also, it was facing the pool area and offering nice views in the evening with all the lights of the pool area.

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It wouldn´t be Hard Rock if there wasn´t a nice lobby. The lobby of the Hard Rock Pattaya is kind of a museum where one could take countless photos. Everything is in an elegant design and decorated with signed music items and costumes. It is the hall of music and fame and a wonderful place to take a rest or wait for the transport. The rock shop and other activities of the hotel are also accessible through the lobby, so as another building where there is daily live music and even a DJ.

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Another benefit of staying with Hard Rock Pattaya is the lounge in the 9th floor of the 10-floor building. The lounge has an outdoor terrace and gives guests the chance to enjoy an overview above Pattaya, while snacking on fresh foods and sipping cocktails.

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Finally, I had to make a stop at the Hard Rock café. For me as a vegan it might sound a little crazy, but I like burgers and I love the fact that Hard Rock has vegan burgers. I used to enjoy the burgers in berlin for a while and was so happy to also fid the veggie leggie on the menu in Pattaya.

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While every Hard Rock café has a special local influenced burger, I was still sticking with the vegan burger, so sorry for not giving a review on that but I can recommend the visit at Hard Rock café, where there is so much music history and again an entertaining atmosphere to enjoy, beside tasty foods and outstanding drinks.

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I´m so happy that I had the chance to yet enjoy my second stay at a Hard Rock hotel. With every stay I like the hotel chain even more and I´m excited to explore more properties in future and to return to Hard Rock Pattaya.

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