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Have you ever traveled to a city and felt like you want to stay in a home atmosphere? As much as I love to stay in hotels I must admit it can be a nice impression to stay in an apartment. The Baffa House combines charming Lebanese hospitality with a feeling of staying home. I´ve been staying at the Lebanese guest house for a few days and I´m more than happy to share my impression with you guys..

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The Baffa family got to Lebanon in the 1900s after the WWI, when Francesco Baffa Volpe the Italian native came in a mission with an Italian delegation to work on the construction of the railway stations in Lebanon. Once there, he fell in love with a charming Lebanese woman and got married to her. His son, Antonio Baffa, acquired the building where he lived with his family; the building was built in the 40's and is located next to the historic Mar Mikhael train station in Beirut.

Today, the family descendants decided to renovate the building and to turn it into a guesthouse named “Baffa House” to preserve the Baffa’s legacy as an Italian family who moved permanently to Lebanon due to an inspiring love story.

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Baffa House is a 4-room apartment where one can rent each a room with an own bathroom.  The rooms are separated in colors, where they come in green, orange, blue and yellow. I was staying in the orange room, which I think is one of the biggest with two single beds and an additional floor with a bathroom, all sheltered in a private area of the apartment. The house has various floors, however the 4 rentable rooms are located on the first floor.

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The check in was pretty smooth. The owner of Baffa house was as nice to meet me during my arrival. With a super friendly and charming attitude, he guided me through the apartment, gave me the keys and an explanation of all the usable areas. Also, he took the time to mark a map with all the places to see and things to do around. As the Baffa family has always been located within the house, he obviously knows best what to do and where to go.

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The whole apartment is filled with memories and photos of the family and art pieces. While though the house is in care of the family for so many years, it still features modern equipment, along with a long family history. It makes the whole stay more memorable and actually gives one the surrounding of “really” staying as a local.

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I guess one of the best parts at Baffa is actually that you get to know interesting people during the daily offered and traditional breakfast, hosted for the guests staying at baffa house. While Baffa house Is not a hotel, it still comes along with a private atmosphere. Baffa house is located in one of the most popular areas, along with some of the best restaurants and bars.

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Eventough the house is located quiet well in the center of the city, one won´t be bothered with noise. Also, it is not too much of a posh area but felt super safe and pretty old fashioned. Getting around is easy while ordering online taxi for a little money.

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When returning from restaurants, sightseeing or shopping it can be nice t just take a seat in the shared area and relax. The apartment is fully equipped and even offers some books and a guest book, where guests from all over the world already left some notes.

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Baffa house is no ordinary place, but that´s what it makes so exciting. I felt so comfortable at the place and often just had to walk a few minutes to reach my destination. Baffa House has always incoming guests who are keen to discover, out of a local spot. I guess especially the location and the private atmosphere make Baffa house such a place one wants to go. 

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With most of returning guests and five-star reviews it´s pretty clear that baffa is a very outstanding place to stay. Beirut is however always a good idea – are you ready to go?

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