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I made it to Beirut and apart from the fact that I assumed it to be an amazing trio anyways, I loved it even more than assumed. Arriving from Egypt I settled for the first two nights of my trip at the Movenpick Beirut hotel, which has one of the best views in town and provided me with a great impression of the so modern and artistic city in Lebanon..

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The Movenpick Beirut hotel is a five-star business hotel and combines business with pleasure. Centrally located at the Mediterranean Sea, the hotel will offer dramatic sunsets and beautiful views on the endless sea.

However, the Movenpick Beirut hotel is not an ordinary hotel and will surprise its guests in many ways. One part of that comes along with the fact that the lobby area is located in the 10th floor but instead of going up to the lobby, one will already come in with the car on the 10th floor and make one´s way downstairs to the room.

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My room as located in the 10th floor and with an additional terrace I just had amazing views from all over. Also, the room itself was pretty much on a luxury interior but still not to boosting. A moderate size and a warm lighted bathroom were the key facts of the room. Very outstanding was the pillow service and the bed. As previously mentioned I´m always seeking for a calming sleep. With a wide pillow menu, the hotel definitely makes sure that everyone gets their well-deserved rest.

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As I was arriving early in the morning I went straight to bed and woke up for breakfast a few hours later. I was so happy to be back in an Arabic country as I absolutely adore the food selection and the local treasures, a s I would call them. Especially the Lebanese cuisine is well known for offering a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, so as hummus, which is my absolute favorite. The Movenpick hotel offered a breakfast buffet, which included a local cheese dish, so as live cooking stations, omelet, hot dishes and a station for fresh salad and fruits. The breakfast venue had wide windows which offered views on the sea and the pool area, where I headed to next after my breakfast.

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Walking through a garden area one will be able to access the pool on the fourth floor. Beside a wide spaced pool, one will also find a walking area which leads to the beach where there is also fishers and people going for a swim. The sea and area around is all very clean and nothing will keep one away of taking a dip into the water.

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Beside taking a swim and enjoying the sun, guests of the hotel have access to a fitness center which is not comparable to the gym one might know out of other hotels. The Movenpick Beirut hotel has a fully equipped fitness center, which is truly in the size of a usual gym. One will find countless cardio stations, so as a weight lifting area and even fitness classes are offered from Monday to Saturday. The community in the fitness center is super friendly and while there might be assumptions the gym is hosted by the hotel and not by an outside provider.

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In the same floor as the fitness center, one will find the spa are. The Espa is a full offering spa that does not only offers the regular treatments but also permanent make up and waxing. I enjoyed a facial treatment in the spa. On arrival t the spa I was lead to the waiting area, where there was magazines, tea and other beverages. The therapist, a lovely lady, came to pick me up for my appointment and guided me to one of the 9 treatment rooms. Each room is designed for the treatments, while there are some with and without shower. 

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The facial started with a cleanse of the skin, followed by a peeling and some head and back massage as well. It was truly a very relaxing atmosphere and with the dimmed light and the huge number of candles all over one is far away from the buzz and will be able to fully lean back. The prices for the treatment are moderate and orientated on the quality of the products as well. 

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On my last evening I enjoyed dinner in the Hemingway's lounge. The cigar lounge is also open as a restaurant and is the more modern version out of the two restaurants at the hotel. I really liked about the Hemingway's wine and cigar lounge that there is such a variety of food and also live music, starting each day from 9pm. 

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The fusion of Lebanese dishes, coming along with a selection of Asian food, as sushi, are a perfect fit for each taste. There are also offers to watch out for, per example discounts of wine. The lounge is open 24 hours and also serves food all around the clock. 

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What convinced me the most are the fresh dishes and the great prices for the service and food. It is an amazing place to dine, for inside and outside guests.

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As know from Movenpick I had a perfect stay, just as I´m used it from the swiss hotel chain. Each property truly has something special. The Movenpick Beirut totally caught my attention with the mazing faculties and interior. 

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I really liked the glamorous design and the outdoor places. The Movenpick hotel is located in a more natural side of Beirut, not in downtown, but still super centered. It is easy to get around and explore the city while being away from the heavy traffic and the noise. 

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