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Haven you ever thought of wearing a denim all over look? I personally remember myself claiming it would be a horrible thing to style. While I had a meeting last week, I was asked to spontaneously style a look, while I was standing among suitcases and a whole load of laundry. I ended up with the idea of trying a denim all over look after years. While I was a little suspicious, I personally really liked the captures of the look and I´m happy to share a few style ideas with you guys..

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Currently there is still a pretty much unclaimable weather situation in Berlin. While there might be sun from time to time, there is also snow and rain, so as low temperatures. As I would always claim myself to be a summer girl, I just wanted to go for a more spring inspired look. While it was a little too chilled for me in the end, I was happy that I broke one of my personal stereo types against the combination of denim. When I was a child my mom used to dress me up in denim all over and I always thought it was simply too much. This actually caused a misbehavior towards denim and I´m still not a fan of wearing jeans or jeans jackets. However, while I was kind of forced to wear my denim clothes, as most of my other pieces were packed in suitcases or in the laundry basket, I just discovered how much fun it could be to wear a simple and casual denim look, that can be sporty and stylish at the same time.

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Most of the denims looks that I saw or had in mind, when I was styling this look, were preserved by loose styles or simply a weird match. Denim can be styled in so many ways, that it would be a pity to keep it hanging in the wardrobe. Since I´m actually a big fan of denim itself, coming from the fact that it easily can be up styled with heels or a fancy make up, I realized that a combination of various denim shades gives an incredible cool match at all and might be one of my new favorite combinations to style for the upcoming sunny days.

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As the look is modest on the one side but gives and eyecatcher I decided to style my accessories very simple. As denim is basically a blue shade, I went for a while sweater with blue stripes and one of my beloved sneaker pairs, also in the shades blue and white. It is always important to me to refer with at least one accessory to one of the main parts of my fabric pieces, to give the look an entire harmony within itself. On top I was style an all over blue bag, which I own for years already and absolutely love to wear, so as a pair of ear muffs, which is also white and got a little blue branding on both sides. 

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This would actually be a perfect style for school days or simple casual and comfortable days, while one can dress simplified and still got a cool and clever style on the go.