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Have you ever had a wish or a dream? Probably you did. This bucket list post is supposed to face you with some new inspirations, show you previous goals of mine and some of the fun photos beyond the tick that is set behind the goal..

hotel osaka st regis luxus

1. Casino night in Las Vegas X
2. Trip around the world X
3. Solo traveling X
4. Fall in love X
5. Publish a book

taiwan traffic cars

6. Sing karaoke X
7. Travel to India
8. Move to another country
9. Learn a new language X
10. Find peace X

japan karaoke singen

11. Compliment to a stranger X
12. Act in a movie X
13. Go camping X
14. Travel to Brazil
15. Have a makeover/transformation X

weltreise strand

16. Go diving X
17. Adopt a pet X
18. Run a marathon X
19. Fight a fear X
20. Cook a meal for someone X

katze tier adoptieren

21. Be your own boss X
22. Get a tattoo X
23. Be a bridesmaid  X
24. Fly in a helicopter X
25. Climb/hike a mountain X

tattoo miami

26. Visit a deserted island X
27. Dye your hair X
28. Fast during Ramadan X
29. Visit 100 countries
30. Throw a party X

dubai wüste desert
kokoswasser bali

31. Travel through a desert X
32. Eat vegan for a week X
33. Make a donation X
34. Live in a Buddhist monastery
35. Dance in the rain X

tauchen gehen bali

36. Visit a festival X
37. Travel on a train X
38. Travel to the arctic
39. Walk the Great Wall of China X
40. Eat sushi X

sushi japan kochkurs

41. Adapt minimalism X
42. Have a professional photo shooting X
43. Win a Mah-Jongg game (traditional version) X
44. Swim in an infinity pool X
45. Jump off a waterfall/cliff X

wasserfall runterspringen
jah jongg game

46. Breakfast in bed X
47. Appear in TV X
48. Drive the road to Hana X
49. Read a book to someone X
50. Experience snow X

train travel sputh africa rovos rail

How many of these things have you done and what would you want to add? Leave a comment, mail me or send me a message on social media. I´d love to add some of your secret wishes and dreams to my bucket list and get inspired by you guys.

peace happiness