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One decision leads into another, and another and another, which leads into a never closing circle – welcome to my thoughts. Since my decision to do a trip around the world, which happened last year in May until end of the year 2017, I can´t think of anything else but leaving. Today´s article is dedicated to there weird feelings that I´m influenced of at the moment and why I desperately want to move away and face new challenges..

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As you guys already know, I´m a fan of different cultures and for some reason I´m able to get so close to another culture, that I totally adapt these habits. My absolute passion is Japan and since I earned about a possibility to spend a year in Japan, I feel like locked in a cage, waiting for the key to open the door and let me finally go. Don´t get this wrong, I love my home, my family and Berlin, but there is something deep inside me that screams for a change, for an adventure for something like another trip around the world and what ever I do, what ever happens I just can´t let go of that feeling that seems to manage every single day for the last 4 months. Even during my last solo travels to beautiful European cities, I realized that it´s not far enough, not long enough or not the same feeling that I used to have when I was leaving towns back then in May for the possibly most changing trip of my life.

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Honestly, I don´t know if I just stuck in a beautiful memory but I feel like there is a big change coming up. I´m currently working on some big and hope everything will go well. 2018 has a lot of challenges for me but I can´t wait to load more work, more things to do to make these dreams and goals to become a reality. I started to really enjoy writing about these feelings and changes, that I intend to bring into my life, as I got a great feedback from some of my readers who have been in the same situation of feeling the same way.

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I will always remember that one situation when I was on my trip around the world and somewhere in a street I read the caption ´not all those who wander are lost´. Maybe these lines explain more about the misery some of us are going to. Let´s keep the wanderlust alive and dream on, because in the end that´s all that counts.

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