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Summer has always been my favorite season. One has so much more options in terms of styling outfits during these warm summer days. Last weekend has been a blast in Berlin, that´s why I styled a crop top for the first time this year. It is a glamorous look in a modern street style appear..

shoes crop top

You guys might have spotted a similar accessories combination in my Yakuta look. I totally felt for the golden details and the silky colored bag, which I recently found during a randomly shopping in the city while enjoying a great discount on the price.

accessoires gold bracelet make up

What I generally like most of my looks is that they do never get “old”. I always try to style something new with something old and most of my hangers do carry pieces from years ago. This crop top is from 2014 per example and I still love it as much as on the first day. Also, my shoes, which are my favorites by the way, are already a few years old and followed ma on my trip around the world. It´s these kinds of always fitting pieces that make the look comfortable and great.

close up deatail fashion

As mentioned, golden details are the best. As my skin finally got more tanned in the last days, the golden details give it a nice glow and highlight. I also like to mix different shapes and sizes with each other and kind to stock it up. I honestly can’t remember how long I already own these bracelets. It has also been a time when I skipped wearing accessories at all. For some reason I just couldn’t stand it anymore which is fun if you consider the fact that I used to wear statement jewelry for a long time. The final accessories were something to pimp my bag. I really like these furry pom poms which I shopped in January. From that day on I have always styled them.

jasmin fatschild berlin street style

I really like this look. While it looks a little bit extra and I caught many glazes on the streets it I very comfortable. Also, the shoes feel like walking on could and the high waist pants make a good cover in order to avoid showing too much skin. For me it´s one of these always to go looks that fit during day and night time.