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My travels in Japan remained very well after my departure from Wakayama prefecture. I arrived in Kyoto and was delighted to stay with the Prince Hotel Group once more. As some of you might remember, I have spent many of my nights in Prince Hotel, while I was traveling Japan last year. This time I checked in at the Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto, which became my home for a two-night media stay..

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The Prince Hotel Kyoto got renovated and I was happy to discover the changes and improvements of the hotel. Prince hotels have always surprised me with their wide hotel layout all over Japan. As Kyoto remains to be a more cultural and slower area of Japan, I was excited to visit the unique location of the hotel. The hotel itself is surrounded by the sound of the river, framed with jade-jewel green tree sceneries and a castle a like shape of the building itself. The lobby is wide spaced and has a warm tone. A lot of wooden elements are used for the lobby and some art pieces highlight the glamorous entrance, where one is warmly welcomed. 

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To make travels even more comfortable, one has the option to send luggage complimentary to the hotel from Kyoto station. As I was busy during the day I was happy to be able to use the service. Within Kyoto station I headed to the Prince hotel welcome center, where I handed over my luggage, which was sent to the hotel for my arrival. The service is smooth and recommendable.

The public transportation from Kyoto station is as useful and easy as the luggage service itself. One simply needs to enter the greet line at Kyoto station (K11) and exit at the station with number K1. It takes about 25 minutes to arrive at the station and the hotel is only a few steps located from the station. People who travel on business might also enjoy that the convention center is just next to the hotel.

river kyoto tea house

After exploring the area and spotting some beautiful location for photos, I decided to rest in the hotel. There is a beautiful garden area, so as a Chinese and a Japanese restaurant and a lovely café, where I enjoyed a fresh orange juice. The Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto is also famous for its tea, which is worth a photo. Also, one can find a variety of cake, so as a cake that is prepared with tofu. Kyoto is world famous for tofu, so you guys might want to give that a try.

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I have stayed in the 4th of 8 floors in total. The hotel offers also a lounge which is opened every day from morning to evening. Due to exclusivity only higher room levels, so as guests of floor 8, are allowed to enter the lounge. I however visited the lounge to take a few photos and enjoyed the atmosphere and the overview of a small waterfall in front of the window.

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My room itself was one of the most popular room types in the hotel with a queen-size lay out, so I had two separate beds to enjoy myself and rest after the long days in Kyoto and Kansai prefecture. The room is supplied with a seating area and a working desk. Also, a TV with access to many channels is offered in the room. I however really liked the bathroom, as I had a shower and a bathtub. 

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After spending the first night around the hotel and enjoying some walks in the evening, I was looking forward the delicious breakfast in the morning which was served in the restaurant golden room. The buffet offered lots of options for all tastes. I even discovered fried tofu and a lot of fresh fruits. Also, avocados and fresh juices can be found on the buffet, which I can definitely recommend. Live cooking options are available as well, so as omelet.

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A little sad for me, as I will miss it, but worth to mention is the annual celebration of the star festival starting from 1st of July, however the main celebration will happen on the 7th of July, when I will already leave Kansai prefecture and Kyoto. Guest were also offered to make a wish and write it down of a paper – I of course took part in that. 

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I absolutely enjoyed the short but pleasant stay with Prince hotel Kyoto and look now forward to also visit lake Biwa Otsu hotel by Prince hotel. Stay tuned for more updates to come and do not miss the social  media channels of Prince Hotels and Resorts.

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