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Werbung/ press trip
Osaka is my favorite city in the world. I can’t put into words how much joy I felt to be back in this wonderful city, that feels like a second home to me. I spent adventurous days in the big city and travelled all around. Osaka is a city that everyone should visit, and I hope that this article will inspire you to visit the city, that I love most in this word..

During my visit to Osaka I had the chance to stay the Sheraton Miyako, a luxury hotel in the heart of Osaka, well connected to the trains and close to Namba, my favorite area in Osaka. The hotel is featuring various restaurants and multiple facilities, so as an indoor pool and a gym. Staying in the 11th floor, I was gifted with an amazing view of Osaka city. Also, the breakfast was amazing, as there were many vegan options. The overall experience was pleasant, and I really enjoyed the stay. It was great coming back to the room and being able to fully relax.

sheraton osaka hotel

Some other activities that I enjoyed during my visit was the Harukas 300, which allowes one to see Osaka from 300 meters above the ground, in the 60th floor. Harukas is the biggest skyscraper in Japan and an absolute sight for itself. The observation platform offers a 360-degree view, and various light and sound shows. Besides it is the only place where one can try the famous pineapple ice cream with the unique Japanese candy. The ticket comes from only 750 yen per person and is definitely worth the money.

harukas 300

Within the same building, only a few levels down to the Harukas 300, I visited the Marriott hotel the other day, to enjoy a vegan dinner in the 57th floor, with a 5-star view, names restaurant ZK. The Marriott hotel features 360 rooms and has its check in counter in the 19th floor. For a small photo shoot, I was able to enter the imperial suite, which has an unbelievable size of 162m2, a jacuzzi and unforgettable view. The Marriott hotel welcomes vegans delightedly and has many options.

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For everyone, looking for an outstanding dinner location – this is your place to go. As Osaka is famous for it´s amazing food, I spent a lot of time with eating and scouting new places to go. Osaka has surprisingly many vegan restaurants and options. A lot of the restaurant are vegan only and even gluten free. The prices are reasonable and cover all kind of cuisine styles.

vegan dinner at the osaka marriott hotel

The other day I also visited Sakai city, which is within Osaka prefecture and only a short ride with the train away. In Sakai city I visited the traditional crafts museum, where I saw the world famous knifes, which are used by chefs from all around the world. I also enjoyed a tea ceremony and took photos of some old Japanese tea houses, which are super tiny and extremely old but impressive. The Sakai rishono tea ceremony is also open for guests so if you ever wanted to try a proper Japanese tea ceremony, you can do it in Sakai Osaka.

osaka sakai knife shop

After a lovely tea ceremony, we went to a vegan burger shop, which also sold fresh smoothies and pizza. I absolutely recommend the yuba fish. Yuba is tofu skin and I have never tasted something that tasted so much like fish. I definitely want to come back soon. 

osaka tombori river cruise

Sakai is besides also famous for the colossal ancient burial mounds of the mozu kofungun, which are a world heritage. There are various walking routes available, besides a museum, to discover the beautiful green landscapes of Sakai.

japanese tea ceremony

As I couldn’t make it last year, I was super excited to visit the Kaiyukan Osaka aquarium early in the morning. It is the world´s largest aquarium, located next to the Tempozan ferris wheel, which is also one of the world highest ferris wheels in the world, with a height of 112,5 meters. I used to Osaka amazing pass, to access these facilities and received great discounts and even free entry.

japan vegan food sakai

Another famous sight I visited was the Osaka caste. Due to a lack of time, during my visit to Osaka last year, I couldn´t make it to the Osaka castle. Therefore, I enjoyed my visit this time even more, as I cruised around the castle with a boat.

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It was the perfect possibility to take a proper photo of the castle itself and lean back, to enjoy the view. The boat even has a roof, so should there be rain, of will be covered anyways.

osaka vegan food raw healthy

There is truly always something to discover in Osaka. One of the many things is the famous tombori river cruise, which will take you around the busy area of Osaka in a boat. I recommend taking the boat in the night and enjoy all the popping lights, so as many sights seeing spots. 

osaka aquarium world records

It is also a hotspot for photos and couples to enjoy an unforgettable night.  One will be able to enter for free with the Osaka amazing pass, which also offers free transport in the Osaka metro and many discounts and free entries to facilities all around Osaka. I also bought the Osaka amazing pass when I visited the last time and I can tell, it saves a lot of money.

osaka castle solo travel vegan food

On the last evening I went to a Japanese phot booth, which one can find in the game centers. I took some very stereotypical kawaii photos and had the time of my life. I felt like a kid again and could encounter with locals. It was a funny experience with some colorful, cute memories. 

japanese photo booth osaka namba

My trip to Osaka ended way too fast, but for me there is always a need come back to this city. I can feel it, some day I´ll be moving there. Until then, I guess I will remain a regular guest to my lovely Osaka. またね!