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After exploring Seoul for about one week, I decided to also give Busan a chance and make a quick stop at the famous city, which is home to many sight seeing spots and the Ibis Ambassador Busan City Centre (Seomyen), where I was staying for 3 nights, before leaving South Korea..


The Ibis Ambassador Busan City Centre is a 3-star hotel and for me the perfect place to discover Busan. As I had only 2 full days, due to late arrival and early departure, I was limited with my activities, but still I managed to do and see everything that I wanted. As the name already says the Ibis Ambassador Busan City Centre is located right in the city center, where trains and busses are all around.

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The lobby happened to be in the 17th floor so the first thing one will see when checking in is the marvelous Busan city from above. Also, the restaurant is located in the 17th floor, which opens all day from 6:30 AM until 10PM.

I was staying in a room in the 14th floor. The room was small but enough for me to stay comfortably and relax when coming back from long days in the city. The rooms are located between 9th and 16th floor, with a total of 207 guest rooms. The room had everything needed, a bathroom, a desk, TV, water cooker and also a charging station. The atmosphere was very warm and the room style itself pretty much western inspired, as I think. Basically, one can say that the hotel had the comfort of a four-star hotel with less facilities. However, I quickly realized, that most people left the hotel early, just as me and returned in the evening. With a central location, only a few steps away from markets or a bus connection, that leads directly to the beach, one saves time and money when staying at the Ibis Ambassador Busan City Centre.

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The arrival at the hotel is pretty comfortable. The train from Seoul to Busan runs all day. However, as I really love the landscapes, I decided to take the bus, which takes a little more time but is just as comfortable. The Ibis Ambassador Busan City Centre is only two stops away from the Busan train station and also easily accessible from the airport. 

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In the morning I was surprised, when I went for the breakfast buffet. The buffet itself is huge and I was not even able to put it in one photo, not even with a wide lens. All over the restaurant one can find posters of nutrition. There are many options but less for vegans or vegetarians. I guess a highlight, especially for younger guests, it the frozen yoghurt ice cream machine and the fresh waffles.

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Around the hotel, one can find many malls and the most famous shopping street of Busan, which is known as the most crowdy place in town, with countless of shops and restaurants, international and national. Also, other photo spots are less than 20 minutes away. On my last day I went to the beach, which took me 30 minutes with the bus from the hotel, without changing. Busan is a fantastic city to explore and I had a lot of fun to discover it. When I return I would consider the Ibis Ambassador Busan City Centre again, as the location was absolutely perfect.