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My trip to Japan came to an end. Only one week left in my favorite country in the world, I finally made it to Yokohama. Last year I traveled the first time to japan and ever since I have been obsessed to discover all 47 prefectures and as many cities as possible. For now, I visited more than 50 cities and 30 prefectures in japan and counting. This time I finally headed for Yokohama, where I stayed at the prince hotel Shin Yokohama for a short one-night trip..

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The Prince hotel Shin Yokohama is a big tower just a few steps away from the Shin Yokohama station, surrounded with access to the Shinkansen and metro lines. The hotel has a modern and glamorous atmosphere, as used from prince hotels. The building itself is very popular for taking photos but also well visited, coming form the fact that the hotel is easy and convenient, so as inside a shopping mall named prince pepe, which belongs to the hotel group.

Yokahama itself is a city close to Tokyo with an own charm and many things to do. Some of the featured activities are in culinary, sight-seeing and events. Prince hotel Shin Yokohama is a 3-star hotel with 42 floors and bar on the top floor. Beside the hotel is only 40 minutes from Haneda airport away.

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After checking in I made myself a way to the 37th floor to take a rest, before heading out to explore Yokohama. A notable feature is definitely that I had a handy inside my room, which helped me a lot while traveling and exploring Yokohama. Handy is a device with unlimited internet and photo calls, which is the perfect gadget for tourists in my view. I explored it for the first time a few year ago in china and been a fan of it since then. 

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My room was average size with a magnificent view that reached up to Tokyo. As the hotel has a tower shape, all rooms are blessed with a stunning view above the city and further. A bonus was definitely the bathtub in my bathroom, for a rest after my sight seeing session. 

Besides sight-seeing in Yokohama, I also explored more about prince pepe, as the shopping center was basically just in front of my room. In the first floor, one can also access the hotel cafĂ©, so as some of the shops and even a supermarket is located in the building. Some of my favorite spots in Yokohama were china town and Minatomirai station, which is known as the center of Yokohama and home to many events and festivals in town. 

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In the evening I went to the 42nd floor, to take a few more photos from the bar named top of Yokohama. I enjoyed the night view, before heading early to bed. In the morning I went to the restaurant kochel, which is a buffet dining restaurant in the 2nd floor and selected as the best restaurant in Kanagawa prefecture on the reservation site. It opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a big buffet and many options on hot and cold dishes I can recommend having breakfast or other meals in the restaurant. My favorite were the udon noodles for breakfast. 

After breakfast it was already time to check out by 11:00. Even though it was a short trip to Yokohama, it was fun. There is probably a lot more to see and I´m looking forward to come back for more than 1 day for the next time.

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