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Finally, almost 2 weeks since my last post, I´m coming up with a new article. I´m sorry for the break but it wasn´t easy for me to create updated content, as I couldn´t inspire myself for new ideas..

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Everything that I wanted to shoot didn´t feel special anymore or at least something that I would be proud of publishing even in one year. A lot of bloggers and friends who work into creative businesses come along this stage and so also I passed it (again). I have been blogging for almost 9 years and with changing trends and a growing personality and age one starts to change. Lately my style pretty much changed again. When I was younger I used to love vintage trends and wouldn´t ever wear anything else but a mix of vintage clothes and some brand names. My style always used to glamorous and I was obsessed with high heels. After a while I became more interested in sports and adapted a pretty casual boyfriend look which changed occasionally but now I´m back into a business glamour look, and especially with my fresh cut hair, I just love the change.

It´s not that I want to feel grown up but with that fresh style I feel more mature and comfortable. This post is dedicated to be one of the outfit posts that you have requested for so long. I wasn´t into these outfit posts for a while but now that I got such a valuable feedback and see your reactions on my social channels I set up a shooting with my best friend and lovely favorite photographer Esra Eres (*unbezahlte Werbung), who helped me to shoot a recent look.

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Fun fact about this look is, that it became a totally casual attire for me. While I was walking the streets, everyone assumed me to visit some extraordinary events, while I just felt so comfortable and normal wearing something that might be dressed compared with the “standard”. Especially Berlin people tent to dress down, trashy or super casual. It´s not that often that one spots people being into fashion so it´s kind of refreshing to something like a bright contrast comparted to the black coats and jeans that everyone wears in winter.

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If people would ask me what color autumn was, I would definitely claim it to be brown. I love nude, browns and beige colors and think that these shades do perfectly perform in harmony with the colored leaves. I think even dressing a long tulle skirt like I did can be pretty simple, if one is not over styling it. Matching colors would be similar to the shade of the skirt or strong contrasts. If the skirt was black I would wear something while and if it was a pink skirt I would wear a bright blue blouse in a pastel shade. However, also shade in shade looks are pretty much my style and I think of coming up with some more outfit posts and video look books soon. I hope you like the photos as much as I do. The romantic and historic atmosphere made it just the perfect shot for a shooting on a late Sunday autumn evening.