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The bold energy of the new year has kicked in, welcome 2019! The first week is already over and with a coming Monday I´m facing a fresh start. A new year has started, and the new week is as exciting and stressful as the last day before heading towards the long-awaited holidays..

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Berlin Fashion Week, ITB and other events are near, and the time schedule is about to explode. Nevertheless, I´m really looking forward to all the changes that are coming along this year. I have personally met some decisions, that will (hopefully) make a momentous change for me and those people around me. Besides traveling abroad, I´m also considering to finally leave for a new adventure abroad. The only thing that keeps me home are some feelings and thoughts that leave me (still) unclear left behind but I´m sure changes are coming soon and I won´t rush myself and wait a little longer and patiently.

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There are also some goals which I have reached in 2018 and I´m focusing to keep them up high. These goals became new manifests of mine, like meditation and fasting during Ramadan, which has become a physical meditation for me. I´m also getting better with my Japanese and thinking about to finally going for a language exchange, since I learnt about the great offer of a working holiday visa for Germans.

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Besides I made some progress with my new fitness partners John Reed and ANTELOPE.CLUB and I can proudly tell that my fitness journey is going into the “right” direction. I have also planned some more outfit shooting for the upcoming weeks and some girls trips with some of my favorite people. 

As predicted, this is going to be an exciting but tough year. I´m already sure that I´ll have to cope with losses, so as new blessings coming into my life. I´m trying to stay as motivated, calmed and openminded as always and let those changes pass. Again, happy new year you guys. Make the best out of it.

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