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Guys, I can´t believe it´s real but I finally made it – I moved to Japan. I just received the approval for my visa and can finally move to my favorite city in the world – Osaka!

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Everyone who knows me also knows how hard I struggled to get my visa approved and the documents together. As a foreigner who wants to become a resident in Japan, I will have to find a job and get a contract and a sponsorship for my visa, for that I must be fluent in Japanese. I´m teaching myself to overcome the language barrier and learning the language of the most beautiful country in the world. 

I must truly admit that I miss the Japanese food every single second and can´t wait to shop it in the supermarkets from now on. I also stopped eating with fork and knife and only eat with chopsticks. The foods that I miss the most are buckwheat noodles, inari and of course kanpyo. Japan has so many vegan food options and delicious vegetables like edamame, wagashi and of course amazing tea and the best matcha in the entire world. 

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My new apartment is located in the heart of Osaka, in my favorite neighborhood Namba. I always loved Namba since the first time I was visiting the lovely neighborhood. I also discovered a cool game center where I like to take selfies in the photo booth and apply all the cute photos and stickers. Kawaii is the real deal over here. 

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It´s not as easy as you guys might imagine in terms of getting a contract for an apartment, especially as a foreigner from abroad. While I might enjoy a little benefit of the good relationship between Germany and Japan, it was also nervous about the price and space. A normal apartment which is super, super small is normally priced with 900€ per month and that´s still cheap. Also, one has to pay the landlord an extra payment for only receiving the key and so on. Besides one also needs a Japanese just to receive the contract.

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There is still a lot of work to be done because I need to get my stuff shipped and my furniture moved, besides buying new stuff. I truly can´t wait to wake up in Japan, the country of the rising sun. My biggest dream has finally come true and I truly wanted to stay in Japan since the first day I arrived. I lost my heart in Japan and every second I´m away is unbearable. Things that I will do from now on is taking countless photos every day, enjoying all seasons, preparing vegan chocolate for valentines’ day, shopping all the kawaii pieces at daiso, meeting all my Japanese friends, discovering all prefectures and island, watching anime every day, joining a language school and so on. There is not much for me to add besides: APRIL FOOLS´- even though I wish that was all true. Well, one day it will be..