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Bali is always an adventure for me. As you know I have previously worked with the Kayumanis hotels. Kayumanis means cinnamon in Indonesian language and as I´m mad for cinnamon I always love to tell that I love the “cinnamon hotels”. Besides visiting their properties in Sanur, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran I finally made it to the last property which I haven´t visited yet, Ubud..

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Even though I love beaches, Ubud, with its jungle and rice fields is absolutely worth the trip. The first time I traveled to Ubud was in 2015 during my first trip to Bali. Now, 4 years later, I finally made it back to Ubud to explore the Kayumanis Ubud hotel, which was absolutely worth the 2-hour trip to the jungle area of Bali.

As you maybe know from my previous reviews, Kayumanis only offers private villas, which obviously come served. Their villas are spacious and one of a kind. What I love most about their design is the connection with nature and that one can be truly pure and their self. With exception of the bedroom all of the villa is open and located outside of the private villa property. The bathroom is also located in an outside area, such as the living room and kitchen. Each villa comes with a private pool and amenities just like a daily high tea and 24-hour butler service and on top a complimentary 30-minute welcome massage in the spa.

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As the other hotels are located at the beach, guests can also book a sunrise breakfast which is accompanied by a tour. Coming from the fact that Ubud has no beach the hotel has an additional pool area for its guests, which is just the perfect photo spot and a quiet place to relax. Another unique detail about the Kayumanis hotels is that the hotel offers it´s breakfast all day around. This is especially a great option for honeymooners. It doesn´t matter if one wants to eat breakfast by 8AM, 11AM or 3PM – they got one covered. Also, breakfast can be enjoyed in the villa or at the restaurant. I personally love to start the day with a healthy breakfast and as a unique Kayumanis Experience I also enjoyed my first floating breakfast ever during my stay. The food trend became a super popular and I can tell the experience of swimming in the pool and having breakfast on side is just amazing. I wouldn´t hesitate to do it again. 

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Culinary at Kayumanis is definitely one of the best-selling points for the hotel as their food and beverage service is just heavenly. I have seldomly experienced such creative and tasty dishes. Especially the vegan food keeps surprising me all the time and their tofu is the best. The food choices are healthy and fresh and their sense for presentation is colorful, creative and always surprising. 

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As I only had a short visit to Ubud, I was excited to explore the area. Kayumanis Ubud is well located and the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle service to explore the Ubud area around the hotel. As I already visited to monkey forest during my first trip to Ubud, I was looking for a new experience which is also more cultural. The driver took me to the Ubud market and Ubud palace, which are both a must see during a visit to Ubud. Besides learning a lot about Balinese culture and having the chance to shop local goods, it´s also an additional wow-factor to the offered hotel services and a hassle-free opportunity to explore Ubud out of another angle.

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As I came back from a long day of exploring and shooting in Ubud area I took the chance to explore the spa and get a little rest. The spa offers various treatments and a sauna in the separate spa rooms. The spa is also located in the jungle and a little walk from the villas.

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The views are amazing and the walk is really exciting and offers so much to explore. Greeted with a welcome drink and just before heading for dinner, I enjoyed my welcome massage. The spa in Kayumanis Ubud doesn’t use music, even better, one will listen to the sounds of the jungle which is most relaxing, pure and unique.

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Kayumanis is a wonderful hotel group which is available in Indonesia and also opened hotels in China already. While their hotels are popular for honeymooners, I also met friends or daughter and mother tourists. Even families stay at Kayumanis. 

During my last day at Kayumanis I got the chance to experience the honeymoon treatment, which comes with a flower bath set up and a honeymoon cake. It was truly magical and this is how I would my honeymoon to be like. 

I again, had a fantastic time with Kayumanis. As I have by now visited all their properties in Bali, I can tell that Ubud is just a completely different experience, which should truly be considered when traveling to Bali.

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