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Werbung/Press Trip
While a lot have traveled to Indonesia in order to visit Bali, most of the people who have traveled to Indonesia have never traveled to Jakarta. I decided to explore the Indonesian city for a night and got invited by Mercure Sabang to stay at the hotel for my short visit..

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My arrival at the airport was by 1AM. After collecting my baggage, I got into a car and went off to the hotel which took about 40 minutes by car. The team quickly assisted me with my check in as I was super tired and couldn´t wait to get to the room and rest. However, as I arrived in the room, I got super excited again. The hotel had some of their staff to design selected rooms individual and I was staying in one of these rooms. My beautiful room was all over designed with car motives and beautiful quotes. I must truly admit that I have never been staying in a room like this and I absolutely loved it. Yet, I guess it was the most creative room I was ever staying at and something totally new. I talked previously in other posts about hotels with a “soul”. A hotel and the room one is staying at should be more than just a bed to lay down or place the luggage. It should transfer the idea of a home, away from home. A place where one can fully relax and gets the chance to open their mind for a new adventure, free of sorrow and calmed. This is exactly what I got to experience during my stay with Mercure Sabang. 

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After a peaceful rest, I woke up with a hot shower and went for the breakfast buffet on the lobby level. As Ramadan is also celebrated in Jakarta, the restaurant area wasn´t that crowded, yet the buffet was still on it´s usual size and offered a variety of foods. Also, sushi is offered during the usual breakfast buffet and a selection of other Asian and international dishes, just like a salad bar. 

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During my trip to Bali I got water into my ear and was triggered by a lot of pain. I tried to ignored it but couldn´t help myself anymore. I was extremely grateful that the team took that much time for me and assisted me so well. One of the staff members even accompanied me to a nearby pharmacy in order to buy medication. During my entire stay the team assisted me and made necessary calls. The service was just excellent and definitely above the usual standard. I have never been in a situation like this and it was truly a huge support to me.

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Due to the support of the hotel team I could cope with my pain for a little while and explore some more of the hotel. I have mentioned that I liked my room a lot but I didn´t mention the shootable facade of the hotel itself, looking like a modern oasis in a big city. Next to the restaurant one could also find the hotel bar, which offers also healthy drinks and juices besides the usual offer of cocktails and other drinks. Even a fitness center can be found in the hotel. 

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As I had only one day in Jakarta, I decided to walk as much as I could. The Mercure Sabang offers tourists and business travelers the best location to explore most of Jakarta. With the national building almost next door, a shopping mall, smaller shops and a market in the night, there is plenty of activity and things to explore. While I only enjoyed a short stay in Jakarta, I can tell that I’ve seen most of the things that I wanted. Jakarta is a pretty divided city which offers luxury but also small local streets. From “damn” to glam, as I would describe it – one can experience it all. Despite the usual negative opinion of people on traveling to Jakarta, I would tell that Jakarta is worth to stay and visit for a quick city trip. There is probably a lot more to do beside what I have discovered. 

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