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Werbung/Press Trip
When traveling the island of the gods I highly recommend to visit Uluwatu as well. It is a tremendously beautiful area where the Six Senses hotel is located at. I was (for the first time) staying with the Six Senses hotels and couldn´t wait to explore the hotel in Bali. Within this post I want to share my impressions with you..

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I was staying for one night only but felt like as if I stayed for such a long time, based on all the activites that I did and places that I explored. The Six Senses hotel Bali doesn´t offer rooms like a usual hotel, it offers individual villas, all coming with a private pool. The style pretty much reminded me of a village. The wooden door was all colored and the facade was white. The Six Senses hotel Bali Uluwatu is located on a hill overlooking the ocean with stunning sunsets and the sound of waves being present. It´s like in the picture-perfect catalogue holiday, in fact that it is actually real.

As I arrived at the hotel I was greeted with the welcome drink and other amenities. As soon as the check in process was completed, I was guided to my villa where a welcome treat was waiting for me. I got really excited and started shooting. The bathroom impressed me the most as I had an outdoor shower, indoor shower, bathtub and even an additional shower next to my pool on my private terrace. The main room featured a wide TV, a couch area and a wonderful king-size bed where I had a peaceful rest.

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It was my first visit to a Six Senses hotel and I had the pleasure to be guided by a butler who explained me more about the unique charm of the resort in Uluwatu. Each of the Six Senses hotels comes with a herbal garden. In Bali the hotel features a mushroom garden and especially on my arrival they had their harvest. The hotel generally tries to use local and home-grown goods only, that´s why their food is even more healthy and fresh. After my visit in the herbal garden I made my way to the spa. I sadly couldn´t join for any treatments due to the lack of time but I took some time to explore the beautiful spa area, which also offers complimentary fitness classes such as yoga and meditation. It is a peaceful place and I’m really looking forward to my next visit to Bali so I will have the chance to explore and experience a little more of that. 

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As earlier mentioned, and communicated through my live stories on social media I was extremely impressed by the separated areas of the hotel. Each place featured something special for the guests. The infinity pool didn´t only overlook the ocean but also offered a cinema in the night. The garden area hosts a Balinese temple and the staircases in the village are overloaded with flowers. 

The hotel invited me to a dinner with Japanese fusion cuisine in the evening. At crudo I got the chance to try the unique and healthy dishes. I must admit that I was truly surprised by the menu as each and every dish was either declared gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or low fat. The whole menu is super healthy for each kind of diet and every dish simply looks and tastes perfect. The best feature about my dinner has been a chocolate cake which is just another reason to come back to Bali. The combination of Indonesian foods and Japanese tradition overwhelmed me and my sense for taste. I truly felt fulfilled after this meal and even while writing these lines I still remember that night pretty lively.

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After my dinner I took a little break and enjoyed my room. I spoiled myself with a hot bath in the bathtub before making my way to the fitness center. The gym is located at the spa and offers a fully equipped set of cardio and weight stations. Guests can enjoy a flexible workout and enjoy snacks like energy balls and fruit infused water.

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Finishing the gym session by about 1 AM I just wanted to get back to my room. I almost immediately fell asleep and woke up early in the morning to enjoy most of my last hours at the resort. I started my day with the most perfect and healthiest breakfast buffet I ever had. Fresh coconut water, a huge fruit station, fresh smoothie and juice station, an overload of vegan and gluten free dishes are just some of the benefits to mention. What absolutely made my heart made was a fresh, unsweetened coconut yoghurt. I truly have never experienced such a good breakfast buffet in any of the hotels I have EVER visited. I probably spent 1 hour at the breakfast buffet, sipping on coconut water and overlooking the infinity pool, before enjoying the pool myself and tanning for a while. This one-night stay with Six Senses was something magical and I´m really looking forward to explore more of their hotels in near future. 

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