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Living in an urban jungle called Berlin. Kipling just launched a new campaign, named “boost it”, for the urban nomad of tomorrow. I was asked to pick a piece of the new collection and to style it..

rucksack backpack travel berlin germany

I decided for the YANTIS Brave Black backpack. As you know I´m a traveler. I love exploring new cities and I´m fallen for Japan, which is in my view the best country in the world. Anyways, Asian cities like Osaka are the definition “urban” in my view. I´m planning a new trip to Japan later this year and wanted to pick the perfect accessory which is supporting my needs on the go and gives me that extra boost.

bvg ubahn berlin street style

The YANTIS Brave Black backpack has different supports for backpack or small items, like a passport. Besides that, the backpack is super light and water resistant. I remember when I had my trip around the world and arrived in New Zealand, being super soaked in water and praying for my devices not to be broken. It´s important to have a reliable bag that offers space and comfort not only on travel, more important during the casual every day life.

At the moment I didn´t plan many new trips. While I have a lot of “countries to go to” on my to do list, I´m currently busy with new projects. You guys might recognize that I launched a new website called thegreenjasmin, as I´m opening a vegan catering service. It´s a lot of work, as there is so much paperwork and appointments but I´m really excited for this new challenge. I don´t feel like settling down yet but after my past one-month trip in Asia, a layover in Oman and a road trip in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria and felt super exhausted and realized that it´s time to take a break. I have many goals that I set on mute for a while, as I enjoyed traveling that much, which I still do but I might push myself too hard and lately I came to realization that I don´t use much of my creativity. I have many skills but I probably didn’t take much advantage out of it so I wanted to open this new business. I also have started to finalize my cook book. I started it 2 years ago and also put it on side as I kept myself busy with other things. Well, let´s sum it up at this point. What I want to describe is that there are many new projects in the line and I´m excited to share with you what´s next.

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