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Changes aren´t easy, not at all. Starting over isn´t easy, not at all - but not impossible! You guys noticed my relationship with Aykut which started in January. As most people realized, my location tag has changed from Berlin to Remagen, as I´m currently traveling between these places.. 

It´s hard to conquer these 600km, which was one of the reasons to take a little break from the big city and take a rest in Remagen, widen my horizon and focusing on new goals. Corona changed a lot of things in my personal life. Many of my plans got canceled and dreams passed away. But every end is a chance to a new beginning. I personally believe that corona is comparable with the classical gap year. Taking a break from everything and analyzing one´s needs, before starting over with a new project or a new job. A new beginning might be more efficient than rushing into a new chapter without being ready. 

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These lines aren´t easy to write. Leaving home and temporarily moving to a small town isn´t something that has been on my bucket list. My original plan was traveling to Japan and taking a working holiday visa, to spend more time in my dream destination. However, this became impossible due to the travel restrictions. For a while this really pulled me down, down, down - so down. But as I always say: everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that things take time and my dream might be impossible for now but in the wide view it´s only "postponed". 

I know that I haven´t published my articles as I used to in the past month(s). I blogged less regularly but I missed writing so much. I really missed being creative again. I missed taking outfit shootings and preparing content schedules. Now that I´m in a new place for some time I want to focus on a new creative path. I want to focus more on myself and that means I want to focus more on my blog.

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