What do burgers and sushi have in common? Both of them can be vegan in Dubai. I went to two Dubai based restaurants for a small vegan food guide. While vegan food is slowly getting more attention in Dubai, I wanted to watch out for some special places that do not only serve amazing food, but also stand out in terms of location – hidden gems! I hope you enjoy this small selection and put them on your list..

The first place we went to was Moby with is a fully vegan (sushi) restaurant. Moby is a Japanese inspired plant-based café, which got me really interested. As you all know my heart beats for everything Japanese and the design and dishes on the menu made me very curious.

Most people think of sushi when they should name Japanese food, but there is more to it. Actually, many Japanese dishes are already vegan, due to its origin in Buddhism food. Moby combines Japanese ingredients and dishes with a modern twist, which creates an interesting fusion. Dishes like pulled jackfruit and melted cheese on top of the sushi create unique flavors that are anything but typical. 

Moby is available for delivery and dining in their location witch is A4 space. However, make sure to be on time as they sell out quicky. We had our hands on some dishes and could actually recommend all of them. However, we really enjoyed the Tofu Onigirazu, which is like a sandwich. Also, the vegan Chicken Katsu Sando was super delicious and very unique in combination with plant-based chicken. Besides sushi, they also have main dishes which are served hot. We tried the vegan Teriyaki meatballs with come with vegan feta cheese and a sauce. For desserts they also have mochi which were unfortunately not available during our visit at their location in A4 space.

Opening hours Saturday to Thursday 9AM – 7PM
Alserkal Avenue – Al Quoz1 A4 space

The second space I want to present is Inkognito burgers. Located near by lamer beach, this restaurant is settled in a beautiful area with lots of create spaces, close by to downtown Burj Khalifa. The restaurant serves also non vegan options, while they have a huge selection on vegan food with special ingredients from impossible foods and tindle, which is creating plant-based chicken (honesty the best I ever had!).

Inkognito burgers is creating interesting fusions, which are not alike to the typical standard. To mention, the burgers even have a very original taste due to a sourdough bun. To be honest I´m not a bread eater in general but these burgers were heavenly. We shared four burgers while our favorite was the tindle burger. The infusion or coriander, vegan mozzarella cheese and wasabi peas created unique flavors. For those who like spicy foods they might also be attracted to kimchi potato chips.

Desserts are also available. While there are 4 desserts in total, two of them are completely vegan. One is Vegan peanut butter bites & caramelized banana, the other one is Vegan chocolate fudge and coconut cream. Vegan burgers at Inkognito starting at AED 38.

Saturday- Wednesday 12PM-10PM Thursday-Friday 1PM-11PM
Al Wasl Rd - Al Wasl - Jumeirah 1 - Dubai