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BRED! During my trip to Abu Dhabi, I had the chance to take part as a media representative for the debut of the region´s new neo-culture festival..

BRED Abu Dhabi presented by Hypebeast came to Abu Dhabi for the first time to showcase the best of today’s neo-culture. From April 26-30, Yas Bay Waterfront was home to international artists such as Big Sean, Armani White and many more.

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However, BRED was more than just a music inspired festival. The venue united music, fashion, art, and sports intertwine to create a defining moment in history. With the name inspired by the “Born and Bred” culture nuance and the glory of the classic black and red sneakers, BRED is a celebration of the region’s urban scene, giving local and regional artists the opportunity to showcase their talent next to global artists, with exclusive streetwear, bespoke art, street food, basketball showdowns, and gaming, all accentuated by international music performances.

As I only had a short stay in Abu Dhabi, I could only make it to the opening party and first day of the festival, which was already filled with plenty of exciting performances. A highlight was definitely, that I had opportunity to go backstage and meet the artists before and after their shows.

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In general, it was pretty interesting for me to get a better understanding of local artists and the creative scene as well. For the opening party we had an exclusive tour around the venue, with a chance to try the food, including vegan options. For the night BRED was kicked off with  hip hop legend DJ Jazzy Jeff, the electronic music icon Omar Soulayman and British-Lebanese DJ Saliah, who I met before and had a quick chat with.

For the next day we went early to the BRED venue to explore more of the gaming stations and watch some sports games. We also had a chance to take some nice street style photos along the scenery and visited some panel talks. My highlight for the night was Armani White, who delivered a strong and energetic performance. I also “discovered” Felukah, who was performing as the opening act. I already started adding her tunes to my playlist and I can tell that you shouldn´t miss out on “Egyptian lover”. The night was then finished with 2Chainz, an act I was really waiting for. Unfortunately, I couldn´t join for the entire performance as I was heading back to Dubai to take my flight back to Germany.

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So, what I can tell is that even within this short visit I really enjoyed BRED Abu Dhabi and would really want to visit it again. Especially as I have been to music festivals in the past, I can tell that BRED is really different. It was so refreshing to have multiple themes being presented. For me, as someone who has a background in fashion, it was really fascinating to see the different scenes gathering. Not to mention that UAE of course has a different influence, in comparison to the European market. I guess I could say that it was obvious that no matter what language, music brought us all together. Thanks, BRED for having me and giving me the opportunity to experience the first edition of BRED Abu Dhabi.