Although my stay in Chiang Mai already came to an end, I’m still fascinated by the mesmerizing time that I could spent over there. As a guest at The Chiang Mai Riverside hotel, I also had the chance to get to know a different side of Chiang Mai that I didn’t know, as I had for so far only stayed in old town area..

The Chiang Mai Riverside hotel is a 14-suit five-star hotel, which was also honored with multiple awards. I guess it really makes a difference because the owner of this hotel is from Chiang Mai, which obviously brings in a different idea and atmosphere to the term of hospitality. The suites reach from 60 m² to 120 m² for the penthouse. I was staying at the Vorra Ya 1 bedroom suite, with a size of 60 m². What I really liked about this suit-type was the clean atmosphere, which has a very luxurious but still simple and clean aesthetic design. Also, I truly enjoyed that the bedroom at the living room were both separated from each other through doors, such as the bathroom area through two doors from living room and wardrobe area to bedroom. A highlight of this room is definitely the dining area which makes huge impression when entering the room already. The fully equipped kitchen is a huge plus for guests who are looking for a long-term stay in Chiang Mai.

Besides it´s glamorous suite types, the hotel has a lot more amenities to offer. My favorite part about this hotel was the lush garden area, which has a pool nestled in between. Not to forget, the area offers views on the river side. I guess the name of the hotel already gives a small hint on this. I also took the opportunity to go for a run during my stay, which offered me the chance to discover both sides of the river. The area is surrounded by a lot of temples and local shops, which will give one even within a short stay a great experience of Chiang Mai and what makes it so special. Although one is not too far away from a livelier area, when staying at the Chiang Mai Riverside, this property gives one the space of a calm area, where one can really lay-back and enjoy the sound and atmosphere of the nature. Within the garden area guests can also access the authentic Thai restaurant of the hotel, which offers inside and outside seats for one to enjoy authentic Thai kitchen in the Malao Malao restaurant, featuring various vegetarian and vegan dishes, along with meat dishes.

Should one feel the interest to exercise, which could be great after a long flight, the hotel also provided a 24-hour accessible small fitness room near the lobby area. Nevertheless, also the garden area can be a great space for a workout and even yoga classes can be arranged. Personally, I would recommend more outside activities, like a run or even hiking up on one of the many scenic mountains nearby.

In order to truly indulge I would recommend to definitely enjoy breakfast in room, which is an exclusive service provided by the hotel. Guests can decide whether they want to have their breakfast in the restaurant or within their room, which gives one an amazing opportunity to enjoy breakfast in bed. Of course, I took the chance to have breakfast in bed. The menu offers multiple dishes to select of, including fresh foods and local dishes, such a fine selected pastry.

If I had to compare the Chiang Mai Riverside hotel and the Chiang Mai Old Town hotel, I wouldn’t know which one I would prefer. Both of them have the unique signature and are different from each other. All the Chiang Mai Old Town Hotel is more centered within the city life with a smaller space to itself and less garden area, it also has a very nice design of the room and a livelier an active area within walking distance. The Chiang Mai Riverside offers a wider space, is more quiet but still not too far from the places one would want to go to. It also has a lush garden area which might be great when traveling with kids and I will give One more space to lean back and enjoy the quiet and I temples around that area for itself. If I had to choose again, I would want to stay at both hotels, like a hotel hopping style, in order to get best of both worlds within the trip.