I have returned to my favorite country in the world. Japan, the "land of the rising sun" is one of a kind to me. Within the past years I have been traveling to Japan multiple times and even stayed for up to two months within a single trip. As much as I traveled to Japan previously, I have never made it to Okinawa. Just after (ultimately!) returning to Japan since my last trip in 2020, I successfully made a stop in Okinawa and had the pleasure to partner with Prince Hotels & Resorts for this special occasion..

I would call Okinawa the Maldives of Japan and I have always been curious to explore this alluring prefecture of Japan. Okinawa is an island of Japan and well known for multiple things but made its worldwide debut, with the unique fact that the oldest people of the world live on this charming island. I took a flight from Thailand to Naha and stay at the Okinawa Prince Hotel Ocean View Ginowan for a 3-days stay.

After arriving at the airport, it is very convenient to take the limousine bus to the hotel, which is ¥600. The bus has multiple stops and of course Okinawa Prince Hotel Ocean View Ginowan is one of the stops. It takes about 30 minutes from the airport to arrive at the hotel. The Okinawa Prince Hotel Ocean View Ginowan is located next to a yacht harbor and only a short walk away from a beautiful clear blue water beach. The luxury property offers its guest multiple swimming pools, onsen, sauna and an in-house spa, such as a gym. All wellness facilities are located on the 2nd floor. Some of the facilities do even welcome guests up until to 11 PM, which gives guest great access to a extensive spa offer, after a long day of exploring.

The Okinawa Prince Hotel Ocean View Ginowan has multiple room styles. It is worth to mention, that the room design is very modern, although there are even family rooms. As for me I was staying in a superior room, located in the 11th floor with views on the beach and harbor. As a modern traveler being connected is always essential while being on the go. Therefore, I really enjoyed that the room was equipped with multiple USB plugs. It always comes in handy when one wouldn´t need extra adapters. As I´m traveling with hand-luggage only on this trip, it was practical that all kind of amenities and beauty products were generously provided. 

The hotel itself has 14 floors and as one could probably imagine, the 14th floor holds a special offer for its guests. The club lounge Umikaji is located on the top floor. This lounge has its own bar, various kind of snacks and food, daily newspapers and its own pool and jacuzzi area. The lounge is accessible for Club Floor guests only and serves light breakfast, snacks and sweets, hors d’oeuvres, and more.

Within the first-floor guest will find the all-day dining restaurant. The restaurant offers breakfast from 7AM to 10 AM on a daily basis, but also opens for lunch and dinner. While the restaurant focuses on meat-based dishes, including a buffet menu, it is also offering fresh vegetables and fruits grown in Okinawa. There is still a wide selection of food that is also suitable for a plant-based diet. I suppose it’s very unique that there is a huge salad bar, fresh smoothies and also an additional selection of fresh fruits, including exotic fruit types like dragon fruit. One can taste the local cuisine of Okinawa through various dishes within the menu. Some examples “Okinawa” noodles, fresh tofu and local desserts. 

I assume that the Okinawa Prince Hotel Ocean View Ginowan is an excellent accommodation choice if one wants to explore Okinawa but at the same time have the opportunity to rest after a long day. It is truly a luxury property that offers all kind of services that one could ask for it and maybe even more. It is centered and convenient near to the airport and close to attraction beaches which provides guests an easy access to explore without traveling too long. With multiple room types covering different styles from family design rooms up to suites, there is a suitable offer for each guests desire. As for me I really enjoyed the decelerated atmosphere of this hotel.

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