Tokyo is the city that most people would think of when traveling to Japan. Especially the Tokyo tower became an important symbol of Japan, that tourists don´t want to miss out on due to its international fame. When I traveled to Japan in 2017 during my trip around the world, I also made a stop in Tokyo. It was my first trip ever to Japan and back then I was staying at the Prince Park Tower Tokyo hotel. Now, after 6 years, I returned to the property for another stay..

It was truly a nostalgic experience returning to this luxurious property, which is directly facing the Tokyo tower. The Prince Park Tower Tokyo hotel has a long history and is a city icon. For this stay I was even allowed to experience the comfort of two room types, each having their own charm. From panorama view, to outdoor terrace, staying in the heart of Tokyo above the 30th floor is a different kind of feeling that will make one´s trip to Japan even more memorable.

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo hotel holds multiple offers for its guests. One of these offers is access to a generous spa and fitness center, fully equipped including onsen and sauna. Onsen are an important part of Japanese culture and for me a highlight during every visit in Japan. Guests can enjoy access from 6 AM until 10 PM , which makes it possible for everyone to enjoy these kinds of amenities. For those who are seeking even more of a spa experience, indoor massage is furthermore available.

You might also refer to my previous article for impressions of my past trip but within 6 years, the hotel has obviously changed. What I can tell is that especially in terms of culinary multiple new items have been added. The whole menu became more vegan. As mentioned before, I got to experience even two room types within this stay. The first room that I was staying at, was the same style as six years ago. 

The club lounge located in the 32nd floor has definitely widened its offers. I still remember how I would have a dinner in the evening observing the Tokyo tower lights. This time I was also able to enjoy the cocktail hour which included also alcohol-free drinks and light snacks. The club lounge offers a different aspect of privacy and also serves food and drinks during operation hours. Even breakfast can be enjoyed during the morning hours. My absolute highlight of the lounge was the panorama view, as I had the chance to get some great shots done with the Tokyo tower. Besides shooting it was a delightful experience to simply enjoy Japanese tea and the day and night view of Tokyo.

I also want to share some hard facts with you about this historic property, which holds more than a decade of history. The Prince Park Tower Tokyo hotel has a total of 33 floors in which I was staying at 30th and 31st floor. There’s a total of 603 rooms. Each floor offers various views of the hotel. Second floor is the garden floor which offers Japanese Western style rooms with exclusive Japanese garden. The 3rd to 18th floor is the park floor. There is also the panoramic floor and other room types, coming with different views each. For guests staying at the 29th and 31st floor there will be full access to the premium club lounge, the spa and fitness facilities on a complementary base. Same for the 32nd floor, which is the Royal floor. This floor has a total of three suits types each with a stunning view of Tokyo and of course also complementary access to club lounge, spa and the fitness facilities. More information and insights about the different room types can be found under this link.

With so many different inspirations and room types, there are also various restaurants located inside the hotel.  To be exact there are a total of 3 restaurants. Guests have a free choice where to enjoy breakfast. One restaurant is traditional Japanese, one is Chinese and one is more Western inspired with Japanese influence. I was exploring all of them doing my first stay but this time I went only for the restaurant located in the 33rd floor which serves Japanese-Western style food. I was absolutely surprised how many vegan options were available this time. For me as a vegan this must have probably been one of the most vegan friendly experiences on a hotel breakfast buffet ever. The breakfast included items such as hot dishes and even gluten free options were available, along with soy products.

As for spa and fitness I wasn’t able to take new photos this time in consideration of the privacy of other guest, but I can still tell that there’s full access to sauna, onsen and a fully equipped gym including multiple machines and cardio devices. I work out on a regular basis and having a “real” gym has been a very pleasant experience. Even gym classes are available on specific timings.

One of my highlights during this stay was definitely my terrace where I enjoyed views of the city. The experience of returning back to the Prince Park Tower Tokyo hotel was so nostalgic and made me fall even more for Japan. I was even returning back to the garden area where I have taken photos six years ago.

As you know I have a deep brand affection for the Prince hotels, as I was staying at so many of their properties. Their signature is elegant and timeless and gives a true impression of Japanese culture within one´s stay. I am already very excited to return to Japan and explore even other parts of this country. However, this special locationthe Prince Park Tower Tokyo hotel will always have a special meaning to me as my first encounter with Japan.