Today I have the pleasure to take you once more on a trip to Tokyo. As I was traveling within Japan for three weeks, I had multiple stays in different cities. However, I started my trip in Tokyo and had the opportunity to stay at the recently opened Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince hotel..

The Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince hotel is a four-star property, better described as a luxury city escape with an artistic twist, coming from the fact that art is a main feature of this hotel. I have linked the movie to give you an insight about what the hotel looks and feels like, as The Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince hotel just celebrated its second anniversary with a movie in December 2022, giving you a better understanding about the charm of this property.

What makes this hotel truly exceptional is that the hotel offers a perfect mix of traditional Japanese influence, combined with a unique modern style that feels inspiring and refreshing. As mentioned within my social media coverage, the house is located next to a train station, that is only three stops away from Tokyo station, which makes it very easy and comfortable to arrive at the hotel and travel around the city, collecting even more impressions und inspiration of a vibrant city like Tokyo.

Speaking about the stay itself, the hotel offers a total of eight different room types. I had the pleasure to stay in a corner king room with an area size of 35.6 m². As mentioned in my previous articles, I realize that there is a big change in terms of sustainability going on. I believe this is a great change, which comes with a lot of responsibility, but an inspiring statement as Prince Hotels & Resorts is striving for a green(er) future. This is one of the reasons why amenities are no longer directly placed in the room, but can be found in the lobby area. However, items are still offered on a complementary basis. All rooms are infused with the artistic vibe, which is surrounding the hotel. A part of that are unique designed wallpapers, which vary by each room. Diving deeper into numbers, the hotel features 605 guest rooms equipped with convenient interiors and bed fittings, including twin rooms that can be converted into quadruple rooms, allowing up to 4 guests to stay in the same room. Available rooms start from 29.7 m² up to 42.9 m² for the Deluxe Corner Twin rooms.

As I was checking in, I received two cards, one for the room and the other one for spa and fitness access. The hotel offers a wide wellness area including high-quality products by La Mer, sauna access and of course traditional Japanese onsen. Onsen are as usual separated by gender. Each onsen area has a different design including difference spa offers. The large bathroom has a 5-meter ceiling and is connected to a resting space with rooms on the garden area, which is following the red line of the hotel with art pieces. The men’s room features Hokusai’s “Great Wave off Kanagawa, from the series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji”, while in the women’s room the art takes Monet’s “Water Lilies” for its motif.

There’s no better way to start the day with a nutritious breakfast and trust me when I tell, that the in-house restaurant “Tide Table” will be one´s best partner with this. Guests can find a huge breakfast buffet, settled in a spacious, bright open area, complemented by a bar corner and private rooms to enjoy the high-quality foods. The breakfast buffet includes a variation of dishes, from western style to traditional Japanese cuisine. Tide Table restaurant is divided into two areas and will give more than enough space with a total availability of hosting up to 420 guests in total. The restaurant is located on the first floor, next to the lobby and is operating from 6:30 AM until 10 PM, opening for breakfast, teatime and dinner. There’s also a generous offer of vegan dishes included in the buffet.

As I was a staying guest at the hotel, I can tell it has been a pleasant experience to travel around the city from this position of location. I explored different parts of Tokyo such as Ikebukoro and Shibuya and it has been a hassle-free experience to use the public transport and return to the hotel in the evening, having the opportunity to relax in the onsen during the evening or just walk around the area after a long day. I liked that the hotel is offering multiple lounge areas, such as an open terrace and seating spaces within the floor levels, just to name a few. The main feature for me remains the lobby. It hasn´t been often, that I saw such an impressive and well-designed lobby and we all know, that the first impression always counts. 

For reference, I believe this hotel is best for people who want to enjoy the energy and speed of a city like Tokyo, but also looking for an escape during the evening to relax and calm. I believe the wellness offer makes it a perfect offer for tourists who are looking for a decelerated stay.