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my berlin fashion is a former fashion blog, which as found in 2015 by Jasmin Fatschild with the age of 15. After working successfully in the fashion industry for years and making a name, the young editor decided to move on for new adventures and started to add more lifestyle topics, as fitness, beauty and travel. While Jasmin was always traveling for the blog, she decided to focus more on the travel topic and started to write more reviews about hotels, destinations and her own impressions. 

Jasmin has so far visited more than 60+ countries and counting. While Jasmin loves her home Berlin, she is more on the go than actually back home. With a trip around the world in 2017 she even had the chance to visit farer countries. So far, she was already hosted by the Chinese tourism board and starring in a campaign for the Hong Kong tourism board. Her favorite destinations are New Zealand, Japan and Taiwan.

Jasmin speaks 5 languages and still doesn´t like packing her suitcase, however she is always keen for a new trip as she believed that “life is a trip” – let´s start the adventure! Her latest goal is to visit 100 countries, which has a high priority on her bucket list.

Moreover she is all self-taught and has a passion for photography. Very impressive about her travel footage is that she takes all photos by herself and also the photos of her are taken with a tripod and a timer. Her followers love the lively and creative writing style and her goal is to make her readers feel as if they were traveling with her.


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