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Long promised and awaited. I finally fulfill all of your cravings. Today is #cookwithmemonday and a new recipe will be launched on my blog which is developed and cooked by myself. Today it's finally time to publish the pancake recipe you all went mad for on Instagram.

food inspiration vegan cookwithmemonday myberlinfashion pancake
Ingredients for the pancake

100gr oat flour [click here for recipe]
50gr buckwheat flour
Agave syrup
a sprinkle carob gum
soya milk
A dash of oil [I used coconut]
Baking powder [optional]

pan pancake dough

Ingredients for the topping

2 tablespoon cashew butter
1 tablespoon vegan chocolate [non sugared, with agave syrup]

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For the pancake dough mix all dry ingredients together. Secondly add the soya milk and give agave syrup, but not more than one table spoon.

vegan dessert pancake cookwithmemonday

Next heat your pan. I used a small pan but you can either use any pan you like. Now give just a little of olive oil and add small portions of the pancake dough. Let it stay until it got a golden crust and then turn on the other side. Repeat until the dough is empty.

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Extra you can easily make a topping. I mixed cashew butter and vegan chocolate for it. Please look for chocolate which is sweetened by agave syrup and not with sugar. If you can't find any use cocoa or leave it.
Optional you can also leave the cocoa or chocolate and add fresh fruits which are sweet and tastes fine too.