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Excuse the delay but yesterday was a very stressful day for me and I haven't had time to share the latest cook with me Monday recipe with you guys. However today I finally got a new dessert inspiration for you which was also the highlight of my Christmas dinner...

Doesn't this look beautiful? My family was so surprised when the last course of my menu was served. First they didn't know what I meant with a "fake" dragon fruit. I used the skin of my dragon fruits and put it into the freezer to have it as a bowl for a coconut chia pudding which I paste into the dragon fruit skin. I left the fake dragon fruits in the fridge for about 30 minutes to have the pudding cooled down. You can find the recipe HERE.

On side I put some fresh and cooled mango pieces, which I cut into cubes and topped with roasted almonds. I went into a nut shop to buy high qualitative and fresh almonds which have a more intensive taste in my opinion. Those I put into a pan [200gr] with 1 table spoon coconut sugar and a sprinkle of water and left it in the pan for a while by mixing it gently and continuously.

I waited for the almonds to cool down in the pan and placed it on the mango. On top I put some gold leaves, found in a food shop in the internet.

This is actually a quiet simple recipe which looks totally impressive and tastes heavenly and not to forget the delicious smell of roasted almonds..!

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