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Autumn is truly not my season. Even if I was born in winter, I'm a follower of the summer season. For me, there is just nothing better than sun, sipping at the pool and walking through the streets, while enjoying the warmth of the golden sunbeams in my face..

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However, autumn is here, and since it's almost December, the cold winter is also not far away anymore. One has to handle with the season changes and so also a wardrobe has to. Luckily there is this thing called "layering".

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I guess all the summer lovers get just a little less grumpy when they hear about. Well, that's what it does with me, since layering is the ultimate solution for wearing cool outfits without freezing.

When I was younger this trend was more relevant with the "onion skin principle", which would be the rough translation to the German understanding. In general it means to wear many thin layers and combine then with each other.

This old-fashioned trend just became the latest trend and as I think it's good for both sides. People get more creative with their clothing that way and think more about how to combine different pieces, and designers and retailers make more selling.
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What do you guys think about layering? I tried to do a city inspired layering look today. I was inspired by chestnuts, since I adore the shades of brown and chestnut is one of my favorites. In this look you can find it almost within every piece. I'm really not a fan of wearing all black everything all the time so I think brown is a nice color.

For the next look I try to take a step back from black and brown and go more into colors. I always wanted to try a color blocking layer look, which must be so easy, since all layers could go with a different color. What do you wear during these colder days?

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