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Hello again from lovely Bali. We already left the north of the island and just arrived in Ubud. It's so fascinating how time flied. Already 10 days have passed since our arrival. Today I would like to take you on a quick throwback to our adorable stay in north Bali with The Lovina and take you on the spa experience of your life..

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There are just good memories when thinking about the stay at the Lovina in Bali. The resort offered us a breathtaking stay and beside we were also pampered with some wonderful hours at the hotel owned spa.

The spa "menu" was not comparable with any other spas or wellness centers I have ever been to. Even before traveling to Bali I had been excited for the treatments. My favorite one has been a 5 hour spa treatment which started with a 2 hour massage, followed by body scrub, healthy lunch, herbal bath, facial and hair. After this treatment I felt simply new born.

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Also the prices of the spa are on budget, so everyone can go for a retreat with even being still super realxed and happy after receiving the invoice.

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Beside a fruity welcome drink, one receives before every treatment, it's also worth to give credit to the beloved design. Not only a very cultural and detailed flair was given, also the fact that the spa has two buildings was very impressive. This fact does not only mean that a wide space was given, which includes a lot of privacy, moreover it means that there is an indoor and outdoor spa.

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I really enjoyed being so close to nature with all the fresh air, herbal smells and sounds, surrounding me during my massage and the other treatments.

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The LovinaSpa is definitely a place to visit, so as the resort itself. The north is a more quiet area where one has a lot of time to relax, turn off from stress and tune in for retreats, good food and cultural impressions and traditional flair.

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