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The trip with Esra to London has been a great adventure and today I want to share a few more insights about our lovely trip to Great Britain for London Fashion Week..

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Together with my best friend Esra I have been almost one week in London. From Berlin it's only a two hour flight to London which is a quite quick time for the distance. We decided for Norwegian Airline who offered us a great service. With Onboard Wi-Fi we were always updated about any news on the go. The flight has been totally pleasant and cheap too. Also we were in charge to change our flights back to Berlin since we have extended our time in London. With the flex fare everyone is able to change the flights within seconds without any extra pay.

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Arrived in London we were shuttled by a blacklane car. Even there is a fast train to the city it is really expensive to take it and when one is carrying heavy luggage it might make sense to just take a blacklane car and to be shuttled to the hotel. By taking the car for three people is almost the same price as going by train, without lifting your suitcase and changing in between the trains.

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There's not only a great possibility for shopping in London, also cultural interests are totally fulfilled. I have been to London very often in the past but what I missed all the time was the London Eye. I think the London Eye is a great experience for everyone. The view is amazing and especially in the nighttime one can discover the whole city in the charming and warm lights of London. Afterwards there's also the possibility to discover the London Eye through a 4D experience.

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When thinking about London there is one thing no one can deny - the British people they just love tea, so as me. Tea is an essential thing and having the afternoon tea is even better. I have been to the Taj hotel for the one and only Alice in wonderland afternoon tea. You can discover more about this experience in my article HERE.

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Since we mainly visited London for Fashion week, we also included some fashion Tours in our daily schedule. One of the most interesting things was discovering the new Timberland collection. We had a great time and can't wait to be back next season.

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