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I can't believe how fast time runs out. Just about twenty days ago I entered the plane to San Francisco as I was invited for techworld by Lenovo. As I was entering the USA for the event, I decided to make one of my biggest dreams come true..

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As Lenovo has the headline "never stand still" I decided to adapt this. I've been a Lenovo IN member for more than 5 years already. I'm proud and happy to not only be valued that much by this company but also for myself having such a strong supporter. As a fulltime blogger, as I am I have to rely on technique.

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Especially because of that I was thrilled to visit Tech world again to see more of the latest product launches and innovations to come. You guys can find my whole article about techworld HERE.
Another part that satisfies my soul is travelling. As I already started to tell you what I had in mind to fulfill one of my bucket list goals I will just continue.

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I decided to continue my travel trough the USA after the stay in San Francisco but not for a few days or a few weeks. I decided to travel for moths. To be concrete I will be on travel for the next three months, far, far away from home.

What most people and girls would be scared of is just a wonderful experience that will bring me closer to myself and my own personality. I will be more empowered to focus on my goals and already now after one week I feel that I have changed. I'm so happy and packed with emotions and grace, as I have never ever been before.

Without looping the same part again I want to tell you about my travel experience in San Francisco with Lenovo, as it was my first stop and the start of my travel through the USA.

Kicking off with the honest fact that I have never been to San Francisco before I was a newbie. However I was more than fascinated to finally discover it, as my brother has been to SFO before and I loved his stories and photos. Still I believe there's nothing as having one's own memories and experiences and as the travels with Lenovo are always promising and adventurous me and my group had the best time ever. I'm truly grateful for all the effort that the team has put into the organization and the tough but amazing schedule.

I think we Lenovo IN members are like a family. I had a few members from last year with me again. One friend I made during this time is Lizza (xoxolizza) who is a true and honest soul and someone I trust. I was so happy to be with here again, and ever after our trip in SFO, but that will follow in another article.

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I hope you liked the photos within this article. I love how free and independent SFO is. It's a lively and happy city, colorful and individual for itself. I'm happy I had the chance to visit it.

As Lenovo says, I never stand still and will keep you updated about everything that is about to happen. Follow my social media channels [@myberlinfashion] and discover all my travel impressions. Within the hashtag #jinusa you will find a collection about the latest updates on all social media channels. Warm greetings from China in the meanwhile.