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Most of you probably remember my fantastic travel to Dubai with the Ritz Carlton. I had such a pleasant stay at the Ritz Carlton and really fell for their signature treatments and charming properties. The Ritz Carlton hotels have luxurious and calming charm and I was more than excited to team up with the hotel company to discover the Boston hotel property with an overnight stay..

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The best, and nothing else, that was what I was gifted with during my stay. I had the honor to explore one of the unique suites of the Ritz Carlton, located in the 11 floor with access to the Ritz Carlton club lounge.

Most of you guys have probably seen me in my Facebook video, within which I published a room tour through my suite at the Ritz Carlton. Truly, when I opened the door I stopped breathing. I was expecting a very unique stay and I know that each of the rooms is fabulous, but I never expected to have the chance to stay in one of their suites.

The suite had a huge entrance hall, where I was able to leave my entire luggage on my arrival. Next to the entrance one will find a guest bathroom. From entering the room I turned left hand side and arrived in the living room, supplied with a comfortable and wide spaced seating area, so as a desk for working, which has been very useful for me, as I still had to work on new articles during my stay.

ritz carlton club llounge boston

Next to the desk one will find the mini bar and a fine selection of sweets and nuts, so as in every of the Ritz Carlton houses. The seating area however is featuring a huge TV and is surrounded by ceiling windows, which provide suite guests with an overlook about Boston downtown area. The view was so beautiful; moreover the windows spent natural lightening in the room and a breathtaking view in the night.

On the right hand side I stepped into my bedroom which has a very generous size, probably about the same as the living room. When being on travel there's just nothing more valuable than having space and privacy. As one won't usually stay on one's own in a suite, it is pleasant that each of the staying guests is provided with wide spaces areas. 

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Also the bedroom is featuring a TV, so if one of the staying guests wants to see a different show there is two TV stations in the suite, offering an endless selection of channels and the possibility to use private streaming services.

The bed is perfectly centered in the room and I truly wish I never had to leave it anymore. Everything has been as soft as sleeping on clouds. The housekeeping team has also been very offering with all kind of services to make my stay and sleep as comfortable as possible.

From the bedroom I was able to step into the bathroom, all covered in marble. The bathroom is featuring a bathtub and a shower, both exceeded size. The bathroom is stocked with shower and hair care equipment, so as additional items, so as mouth water so as nail file and other items. In case guests forget anything, the hotel is more than happy to bring items to the room or to restock at anytime.

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After I finished my room tour I had someone from the housekeeping coming upstairs. I was so amused when she places some lovely goodies on the table in the living room of the suite. As the Ritz Carlton team followed my travels trough the past months they have recognized my coconut water addiction. Just as the housekeeping lady entered the room, she passed by bottles of coconut water. I was definitely surprised and she told me, that she knew from my social media that I'm mad for coconut water and that she would like to welcome me to the Ritz Carlton Boston.

This service is definitely outstanding and gave me the perfect impression of the qualitative service at the Ritz Carlton, where each detail is perfectly set. Beside she also brought a huge fruit basket for me, as the hotel also knew that I'm vegan. I personally think that it's these small details which make the stay an unforgettable experience - one of the unique #rcmemories.

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Tired of my travels I was also a little hungry and craving for a healthy snack. The Ritz Carlton club lounge is a comfortable upgrade which will offer its guest snacks, light lunch and breakfast. Starting from 7AM in the morning to 10PM in the night the lounge offers complimentary food and drinks. 

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Especially for guests who want to avoid crowded places and have a good rest from loudly places the suite is just as perfectly tailored. Guests are also able to dine inside the lounge.

In the morning the lounge offers its guest a breakfast buffet, while guests who haven't booked the club lounge still can have breakfast in the lobby level at the hotel restaurant "Artisan Bistro", where a menu is offered instead of a buffet. Artisan Bistro welcomes guests and visitors also for lunch and dinner.

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The lounge offers changing and fresh dishes each day at any time during the service hours. Beside there is also a huge selection of cookies and other snacks which is offered all day long. The staff at the lounge is extremely friendly and will always ask one if anything is missing or needed. I experienced a perfect service and even coping with a special nutrition has not been struggling at all.

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gym boston equinox

Next door to the hotel guests will find the gym equinox. It is a high standard premium gym and guest of the Ritz Carlton are able to have access to the fully equipped gym, and are also more welcome to visit the classes. The gym is also featuring a pool and has long opening hours. Moreover the gym is accessible from the hotel, so guests won't need to leave the hotel to enter the gym.

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Right to the entrance hall guest and visitors are more than invited to visit the hotel bar Avery, which is featuring classic drinks and unique creations. The bar is also available for renting and events and has cozy seating areas, which offer limitless privacy.

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My stay at the Ritz Carlton was unique and I have so many memories about this stay. You guys can see more impressions trough the hashtag #rcmemories, so as #ritzcarlton and #rcboston. Attached there is also my live video from Facebook. I hope you enjoyed the article. I can definitely recommend the stay at the Ritz Carlton in Boston. Make sure to check their website, as the hotel is offering great offers and holiday packages.