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After my first stay at a Club Med resort, which was back then in Maldives at the Kani resort, I was super excited to be back and yet explore another resort. This time I was staying at the Club Med resort Bali which opened in the 1980´s and has ever since been a holiday destination for tourists around the world who wanted to explore the island of the gods..

The Club Med resort Bali is located in Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua is in my opinion one of the best parts of Bali, besides Jimbaran and Sanur. Also, Nusa Dua is only a short drive from the airport and centrally located. Nusa Dua offers various temples and beautiful beaches to explore. While staying with the Club Med resort in Nusa Dua Bali, one gets the chance to use the offers of the resort, while also being perfectly located and explore the island. One gets to enjoy best of both worlds, the fine amenities of Club Med and the modern lifestyle, along with the culture of Bali and its unique charm. The resort is nestled in front of a beach front, which is a private property of Club Med. 

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I had the pleasure to stay in one of the newly renovated deluxe rooms. The main colors are red and white, while red is also the color of the main pool. The whole resort has a lively and colorful painting, inspired by the Balinese culture. The Club Med resort in Bali is a little different in many ways. The resort doesn’t use magnet cards for its doors, instead there is an own key system. All rooms are also surrounded by huge garden areas and one really gets to know the Balinese holiday atmosphere while stepping out of the room and being surrounded by a lush garden scenery and tranquility. The traditional interior and various buddha statues, such as the tiny baskets on the floor which are a donation for the gods can be found in the resort. While the staff of Club Med is international, there are also locals from Bali, who spread more insights of the Balinese culture. I also really enjoy the fact that everyone at Club Med is so openminded.

The design of the rooms is modern. Club Med Bali offers a total of 393 rooms, all spread in different floors and a wide space. That way it is possible to give privacy to each and every guest, even though the resorts hosts many guests at a time. Moreover one can enter the room through the terrace with the keycards. This is actually pretty beneficial, as I could use short cuts and walk through the garden area.

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Club Med is a premium all-inclusive resort. Special about this resort is that it truly features the Balinese culture but also comes with all the other activites one wants to do during a holiday but without the pricey fees. Snorkeling, flying trapeze, golf, windsurfing, kayak, tennis, squash and many more activities – Club Med Bali features them all and these activities come all-inclusive without any charge. Moreover, guests get to enjoy parties and changing entertainment programs, such as revues, water and fire dance, Balinese dance and so much more. I would probably take forever to tell one about all the benefits and offers. I spent 6 days and 5 nights in the resort and I probably didn´t manage to experience all activities but had the most fun of all trying something new every upcoming day.

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Food and drinks also come all-inclusive with and unbelievable wide selection. One gets to know the flavors of the world. The food corner features dishes from Japan, Italy, India, Korea, such as healthy foods, a fruit station, ice cream station, freshly baked bread from the resort which is prepared 3 times a day and even more options and changing dishes. Vegan options and dishes are also available, even gluten free foods are offered within the buffet. The restaurant has multiple seating rooms, also adults only for those who want to avoid the families and enjoy a quiet environment.

The Club Med Bali resort has two restaurants which are named L'Agung and The Deck und Gourmet Lounge. As I´m following a vegan diet I ate at the buffet restaurant L'Agung, as The Deck und Gourmet Lounge is more focused on fresh fish dishes.

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A holiday in Club Med can be divided into each kind of interest. It doesn´t matter if it is supposed to be the family holiday, the honeymoon, the party vacation or the spa vacation. Coming from the fact that Club Med has so many offers, each guest gets the chance to idealize their holiday experience and tailor their stay on base of their needs and interests to create the perfect vacation.

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Club Med was the last resort where I was staying at during my 11 days travel in Bali. It was the perfect farewell and I absolutely enjoyed my time and all the activities. As I was solo traveling, I got the chance to meet the staff. Enjoyed working out in the gym multiple times, and even joined a party in the night club of the resort. I loved that there were so many guests from various nations. As this was already my second stay at a Club Med resort, I can tell I really like their resorts and enjoy the active lifestyle and powerful spirit at the resorts. More information about Club Med and premium all-inclusive can be found HERE.

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