kayumanis private villa bed pool interior
Today is already day 5 of our Bali travel and it still seems a little bit surreal to me, that I'm finally here. However, today I'm sharing my unique private villa experience at the Kayumanis Resort Nusa Dua with you guys, where I have stayed the last two days..

welcome drink kayumanis

Awaken to a long cherished dream with an embrace of warm familiarity. Kayumanis Resort are intimate villa retreats located in some of the best locations in the mystical island of Bali and in China, so as in Nusa Dua, where we had decided to stay at.

obst bali bl├╝te

We stayed in the villa Sukun, where we have been pampered with our own butler during our stay. The villa was wonderful and offered us wide space in two seperate buildings. One of them was a living room and one was a bed room, including a fancy bathroom with a shower and bathtub.

By the way, "kayumanis" means "cinnamon" and if you have a more focused view on my photos you find cinnamon sticks everywhere. Also the homemade shampoo, body lotion and conditioner, so as pencils and many more small details were refined or decorated with cinnamon.

himmelbett bali wohnen reisen

pool kayumanis private villa
Outside we had our own pool. I loved the private aspect of the villa. Especially the fact to have an own pool for myself was really nice, since I was able to take a rest in the pool whenever I wanted it.
Also the Kayumanis Resort offered us a free shuttle service which we actually used one time only, since the stay in the villa was so comfortable. This one time we went with the shuttle to Bali collection, for some souvenir shopping.
jasmin myberlinfashion #mbf_bali

einrichtung bali reise tagebuch

Also a spa visit was included in our stay at Kayumanis Resort. We were spoiled with a 90 minute massage, followed by a hot ginger tea and a lovely dinner in the restaurant, later in the evening. By the way, one 30 minute "welcome massage" is included for every villa visitor during the stay.

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kayumanis nusa dua
Our second day started with an early wake up call at 5:30AM since we had booked the sunrise breakfast, a speial food treatment by the resort. At 6AM in the morning we had breakfast at the Kayumanis beach club, only a few hundred meters away from our villa. It was a marvelous experience that was totally worth to get up for. You guys can read more about it in tomorrow's article.
kayumanis beach club bali nusa dua

kayumanis afternoon tea bali

Later that day we were shooting a beauty story at the adorable location of our villa for Braun, which editorial you can find HERE. As you can imagine we were a little tired and hungry after that and so we were enjoying our afternoon tea, which is a complimentary offer of Kayumanis Resort for the villa guests.

kayumanis dinner chefs collaboration

In the evening we were joining the annual chefs collaboration hosteed by the Kayumanis Resort with all chefs of the Kayumanis Resorts in Bali. It was a pleasure to be invited to this, since it's a very limited event. Beside a 5 course menu also some giveaways were spread away during the evening with a lot of entertainment on side.
I truly couldn't believe when I heard my name as the lucky winner for the grand price, which is a two night stay at a Kayumanis Resort of my choice in Bali.
Thank you Kayumanis Resort for this glamorous stay with you. I'm still very enthusiastic and look forward to visit one of your other resorts soon.