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I love Berlin, it's my hometown and even if I was not always that impressed with it, compared to my view now, I really feel home here. Berlin is perfect for me with all the filthy sprayed walls, the waste on the streets and the though streetlife. Am I crazy to see all these "mistakes" as perfect?..

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Perfection is a big word and also the main focus of the #ImPerfect campaign which was just launched. I thing the message of the fashion house is very important and really worth to think about twice. A person can simply be compared to Berlin.

Pimples, which could be the sprayed walls, waste on the streets, which could be filith on one's shirt, that you sprinkled with the tomato soup you had for your lunch or the tough street life, caused because you are in a grumpy cat mode, since it's Monday morning and the trains are totally overcrowded.

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Within our daily life we set a lot of pressure. We worry about the perfect look, which is made by the perfect hair, the perfect skin, the perfect and charming behavior and the perfect personality, which everyone falls in love with.

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I recently published a long text about my thoughts to this topic, which you can find HERE. I hope you enjoy reading my post and of course also this outfit shooting.

I'm wearing pieces of the new Esprit collection, sweater and jacket. I hope you enjoy my imperfect perfect look. I wish you a wonderful day, and hope that you can build your own opinion on perfection.

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I think it's a very nice topic to chat about, so if you have any thoughts or comment about the topic or the new esprit campaign I would be more than happy if you leave a note. I love to get inspired by my readers and to interact with you, especially when we leave the surficial thinking and getting a little deeper.