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Arrived back in Berlin there is still an amount of postings and content from London to share with you guys. Since I have been in London for Fashion Week there are of course several outfit shootings that I was shooting with Esra. One of the shootings took place at the Taj hotel, where we also had a short stay..

fashion shooting taj hotel london lfw

During London Fashion Week we have spent quiet a lot time at the event space of the apartment, a creative workspace for influencers and also a great connecting point to get in touch with brands. 

During the Week we influencers were also allowed to borrow clothes from the showroomAlso last season I have been a guest of the apartment and it is always fun to meet new people and old friends over there.

russell bromley bag shooting editorial london fashion week

street style london fashion week

As already mentioned there was the availability to borrow some of the clothing in the showroom.  Since I remembered the availability of borrowing pieces from the showroom I decided to not bring that much clothing with me this season.

There were quiet many hangers with beautiful pieces in the showroom and it was hard to decide from all of them. In the end I borrowed this outfit, which is featuring a Boden blouse and urban outfitters jeans and jacket, so as Russell Bromley bag and shoes.

russell bromley bag pink the apartment lfw

jasmin fatschild fashion editor berlin germany

mommy jeans urban outfitters style

I decided for this look since I wanted to have a little twist of elegant and rock chic. I really like to have contrasts in my look to make it more special, unique and interesting.

For this look I also decided to not add any additional accessories. I wanted to have a very comfortable and easy look with a touch of chic. 

accessoires details fashion shooting

lederjacke bluse myberlinfashion

A very important detail of this look is my hair. It has also been styled at the showroom space. The funny thing about it is that I actually wanted to go for a blow dry for the stylist had other ideas and I just let her live her creativitywith my hair. In the end I was very surprised but happy to. I really want to go more often for this hair style now, since I think it really suits me.

russell & bromley boots jasmin fatschild

lederjacke street style london fashion week soho

I  remember myself styling this look also a few years ago very often but honestly I have to admit that I have become a little lazy with my hairstyles. This comes actually from the fact that I increased my amount of workouts within the past years and it would just be too sad to spend so much time on a hair style that won't last long. However I was thinking about to do a tutorial post about this hair style, what would you think about it?

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