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Today I´m finally sharing the second part of my 10 favorite hotels during my trip around the world with you. I received a lovely feedback when I published the first article, so I indeed hope, that you guys will also enjoy the second part of my travel series..

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I was very happy to be reunited with the Kayumanis family, as I already call them, during my trip in Bali. This time I was pleasured to explore the Kayumanis Sanur property, which features a total of eleven villas, each with a private pool, the private butler service and two floors. I was staying at the Kempli villa. The Kayumanis Sanur was just recently finishing the new restaurant, lobby and even improving the villas. 

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Something unique about the Kayumanis resorts is the connection with the nature. The bathroom, which is accessible through the bedroom, is per example open but still sheltered through a garden around the area. Even though the close connection to nature all rooms and villas still fit the highest standards and express luxury. The interior of the villas is very detailed and inspired by Indonesian culture. Statues and books, so as the local design are an inspiration.

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An amazing feature about staying at the Kayumanis resorts, but especially also at the Kayumanis Sanur is the afternoon tea. A fine selection of sweets will be served. However, the chef is more than happy to assist with a suitable menu when it comes to special diets. The afternoon tea is served from 2:30PM to 5:30PM and is something that every guest shouldn’t miss.

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I still remember my first trip to Thailand, which happened during my trip around the world, where I was staying at the Mövenpick hotel in Pattaya, which is against all stereo types around the city itself, a beautiful property apart from the city center but connected via a free shuttle service.

The beach hotel is perfect for those who want to mix a slow lifestyle with a splash of adventure. Guests are staying in a sheltered area with beautiful views on the sunset and direct access to the beach, which was an absolute highlight for me as I deeply enjoyed the colorful sunsets.

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It is a 260-room hotel which is rated 5 stars and has 35 floors, including a spa that is inspired by the area itself. The wave spa is designed and inspired by the ocean and has a calming atmosphere and the light sounds of waves. This hotel is designed to spread harmony and suitable as a resort for families as well.

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The Fairmont hotel in Singapore is an absolute hotspot in the heart of the city center. Located just on the opposite of the legendary Raffles hotel, one will find the luxury getaway. I had the pleasure to stay one night at the Fairmont Singapore hotel, to get an experience for you guys to share. Singapore is a melting pot and an incredible Asian country and city in view on business and mix of cultures and contrasts. It is a historic city, as well as a modern urban jungle with luxurious extensions and an international influences society.

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The Fairmont Singapore hotel features a total of 769 guestrooms, which of course feature different kind of room types and suite, up to penthouse suites. The rooms are all equipped with exclusive amenities of the New York perfumer le labor. Guest will also have to possibility to use the spa facilities, even without having a treatment. The hotel offers also a 24-hour gym, which is mostly focused on cardio devices. The spa areas for jacuzzi and whirlpool are all separated by gender.

In the evening, I loved to get back to my room and take a bath in the marbled bathtub, which was my perfect ritual after a long walk through the city. Since the hotel is in such a perfect situated location I decided to walk all day through Singapore, instead of taking the bus. On that one day only I walked a total distance of more than 15km in total. Since I´m a young woman travelling on my own I get often asked if I feel safe travelling through big cities and being out on my own. I can tell sometimes I do indeed have mixed feelings on that but the area around the Fairmont hotel I felt more than safe.

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Not pretty much the classical hotel but sleeping in the most luxurious train in the world is an adventure that needs to be shared. The Rovos Rail train took me on an adventure from Pretoria to Cape Town during a 2-day trip.

Arriving in Johannesburg I made my way to Pretoria. Within Pretoria Rovos rail has its own train station, that is a little bit apart the center. Arriving at the station one will not only find a train station, it is a station with a huge villa and a museum, telling the story of Rovos. Rohan Rovos, the founder, greeted every guest with a handshake and a few lovely words, after explaining some more of the train. By 3 pm it was finally time to enter the train and I was more than excited, as this was my first train journey with an overnight, in this case even two-night stay.

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Besides dinner, also for lunch guests will be greeted with a 4v course menu. The menu includes a starter, a main course, a cheese platter and a dessert. I must admit that I have been most surprised by the authentic and still so creative way of the kitchen to set up my dishes, no matter if it was for lunch, breakfast or dinner. Also, the chosen dishes have been all light and perfectly fitted to my food requests. While I understand that it can be sometimes hard for the chefs to set up vegan menus I couldn´t spot any trace on the train. It has all round been a perfect food experience.

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The last hotel I want to share with you guys is the Club Med Kani resort in the Maldives, where I was staying during my final days in paradise. Club Med Kani is an all-inclusive resort and pretty much the opposite of the usual Maldivian experience. The hotel is focused on fun and party. It´s a very active and sporty lifestyle with many offers and a lot of experiences.

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A huge benefit about the resort is that it´s only 20 minutes from the airport with a speed boat, which makes the arrival fast and smooth. As the hotel is all inclusive it´s a good value of one´s money having access to food and drinks all the time, so as free activities and shows. I really enjoyed the pool but also the privacy, beside getting in touch with the staff and making new friends.

 I joined the aqua fitness every morning, which was fun as well. This time it absolutely felt like a holiday while being on a press trip and even it was a solo trip I can´t imagine such a lively scenery during one of my solo trips ever. Club Med has more than 69 resorts worldwide and I think it´s worth to even visit another one.