paris outfit shooting pfw

As you know I have been to Paris this week with Bond perfumes and of course I took the chance to capture my look for the fragrance launch, shot in the old Parisian streets..

daniell wellington long scarf look

turtle neck street style

My friend Marie was so lovely to help me with the photos, as it is always hard to find someone for outfit shots when travelling on one's own. Luckily I would consider claiming myself as an easy going model, since the outfit shootings are always very fast done.

cutout boots flats asos

Since the weather was supposed to be better in Paris, I decided to combine a mixture of spring and autumn. Very surprisingly it was even snowing in Paris, which were luckily only a very short shower and all over before our shooting for this article.

moaschino iphone case

The travel to Paris and back was all done the same day so I was aware of the fact that my outfit had to be handy for the airport, so as traveling in between the city. A very important part was also the business part, since I was about to not only meet blogger friends in Paris, but also the bond girl and some other very important persons. I mainly want to express that I wanted to have a glamorous charm during my stay in Paris, where also Paris fashion week was running, which is skipped this season in lack of time.

mango bag big shopper

moschino outfit details i'm not a moschino toy

I was wearing some of my favorite shoes, a cut out pair of flats that I shopped during sale last year for less than 10€. Also I combined an oversized scarf as a warming accessorie that was also easy to take down when it was warmer, per example inside the hotel.

To always stay in time I decided to give my Daniel Wellington watch a short trip to Paris, which just accordingly matched with the brown accents of my scarf and hair color. 

sweater style pfw ootd

brownn leather skirt long vest

Beside I was wearing a loose turtle neck sweater that I got during London fashion week in September. This sweater is still one of my all-time favorites, since the sweater is unbelievable comfortable and easy to combine.

I personally don't like pants that much and decided for one of my long skirts, which was not too cold for the season and a perfect match to the already combined brown accents in my outfit. On top I combined my rosé pastel colored long vest, which allowed me a very casual and comfortable look with my sweater, especially during the travel period at the airport.

fashion shooting paris street

watch details look style pfw

Even though this look was easy to style, it still has a great elegant touch and is perfect for meetings while this silly weather situation during March, where it should be actually much more tempting to go out.

tumblr fashion inspiration

Anyway, I thing I met a good decision by wearing this outfit. By the way, I was also travelling with Marie to Paris, with who I also went to Amsterdam fashion week, in the middle of last year, where we also shopped this bag together. How nice to have a new memories with this lovely power girl. This is just another proof that the blogger scene is not all about competing against each other.

full body shot street style jasmin germany